I Like Big Chubby Lip Pencils - CoverGirl LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

My recent excursion to the drugstore only resulted in a simple single purchase, the CoverGirl LipPerfection in Scarlet Twist ($9).  I have seen other drugstore brands with their cute chubby pencils and ignored them.  Maybe, I shouldn't anymore.  I have two chubby retractable lip pencils from Tarte which I like and wondered if this CoverGirl chubby and saturated lip balm stacked up to them.

I bought a red color called Scarlet Twist to compare to my Tarte reds.  This color reminds me of a strawberry when you cut it in half, you know how the inner layer kinda turns into a pink when it reaches the center?  This one has that undertone.

Covergirl Scarlet Twist

Since it is a glossy balm, the saturation of color is less than my LipSurgence.  However, for a sheer red color this is quite nice to wear and easy to apply, and no scent at all which I found unusual for CoverGirl (or maybe, I am dating myself).  You don't need that precision application with this one since the color will tint the lips just enough to give that redness without the opacity of a lipstick.  If you feared red or just didn't feel comfortable in one, this one could be one to try.

Here are the swatches comparing the Tarte reds.

Honestly, for a drugstore brand I found this CoverGirl version to be a decent and almost comparable to the high end ones.  Of course the casing may be a bit cheaper and the texture may be lacking some richness but I find for about the third of the price this ain't a bad chubby lip product.

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