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A Close Look at My Small Collection of Highlighters

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

I honestly have to say that compared to other makeup junkies, my collection of cosmetics is small.  I do end up giving away stuff to people who would never have the opportunity to try some products due to their income status and I also purge expired products for health reasons.  After my recent purge I noticed my highlighters outnumbered my bronzers by 4 to 1.  Were there differences amongst these highlighters?  I had to take a closer look.

The first group is the liquid highlighters.

Here they are (clockwise):

Instead of applying the colors onto my skin, I put them on a black piece of paper to really differentiate the glow of each.  The top shows them without flash and the bottom shows the effect of the which on some diminishes the illumination.  Out of all of them, MAC has the most purple/pink glow.

The advantage of liquid highlighters is the convenience of mixing.  They can be mixed with foundation, moisturizer, and hair gel.  The disadvantage is the lotion nugget.

Make sure you aren't walking around with one on your face!

The next ones are LA Splash Enlightened $7 - reviewed here.  They are really cream eyeshadow bases but can easily be used as facial highlighters.

The top row shows the swatches without flash and the bottom with flash.  Without flash you can differentiate Illuminating as a nude colored highlighter and Highlight as a slightly pink color but with the flash they tend to look the same.

Lastly, my small collection of highlighting powders. 

Here they are (clockwise):

Again, against black paper the color differences can be seen.  The top shows the powders without any flash.  Second row is the NARS Hungry Heart duo.  The bottom is with flash.  The color fades slightly and all that is left is the shimmer which is what these highlighting powders are suppose to do. 

What I like about powder highlighters is they double as eyeshadows or can be layered on top of eyeshadows.  As a facial highlighter, I use them sparingly and learned that the overall color really doesn't show up since they aren't opaque powders. 

Highlighters as a whole are great products, the only disadvantage to them is highlighter overload.  Remember, if you can't see it on your face, I would say you have applied enough because when people see you; they can see it.  You just want to gleam and glow not act as a lighthouse for lost boats or in some cases lost winged bugs!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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