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Faster Foundation Application with Touch Face Stippling Sponge

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

As you know in my first post on the Touch Face Vibrating Sponge (£22-£34), I raved and raved about it.  Well, I am now addicted to it and have to reach for the climactic bliss every morning when I apply my foundation, and nightly for the ecstatic buzz of my moisturizer.  Yes, I use it twice a day and my makeup life has never been better!   

I know some of you are confused on the style of the Touch Face offered.  From the information I received (and believe me I asked many questions about this product), the various styles do the same thing.  The color, stand for the product, and handle length are the differences.  The shorter handle houses the 3 volt battery and the long handle houses 2 AA batteries.  I prefer the longer handle because it is about the same length as the average makeup brush and easy for me to hold.

The model I bought is the Crown model in a lovely pure white color.  Elegant and innocent looking, the Touch Face sits in a cradle ready to grab at a moment's notice.  It also has the usual accoutrements mentioned here and additionally has the cap like my red one for portability. 

My makeup life has changed thanks to this auto-stippling device; foundations which were once ignored have now given me new passion.  The quickies I receive in the morning give me the smoothest canvas for color. 

So, why don't you light up that passion for your makeup and try one of these auto-stippling sponges?  Get yours at Cosedifilo and I want you to type my name  OLIVIAJ  as you place your order to receive 20% off.  (Good until February 28th, 2013)  Your makeup life will never be the same!

I love this product!!

Disclosure:  I bought this one to hoard.  The link provided gets YOU straight to the product.  I only get the honor of having my name used as a coupon code. :-)

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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