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Bring Excitement to Your Makeup Life with Touch Face Sponge

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*


Original title was Is Your Make Up Life a Bit Boring? Stimulate it With a Touch Face Vibrating Sponge.  Or maybe you are mistress of your foundation domain, you own many foundations but abstain from using them because they just don't apply right.  Well, stop being a cosmetic prude and branch out and rediscover your makeup collection with Touch Face (stay tune for a coupon code).

Euphemisms aside when I first saw this on British Beauty Blogger, I thought my sponge worthy dreams had come true.  This is a device that stipples foundation onto the face faster and better than any hand can do and without the fatigue.  With the speed of 5000 pats per minute which I can't say is the actual number but it looks pretty close; foundation is applied not only quickly but flawlessly.  It looks as though a professional applied it.

This oscillating makeup sponge is no bigger in length than the average foundation brush.  The handle houses two AA batteries (included).  There is also a short handle version which uses a 3 volt battery.  The oscillating sponge tool comes with a sponge attached and three extra ones plus a silicone one called a Jelly Puff for moisturizers and masks.

I can tell you I am truly in makeup bliss with this tool.  First let me tell you how it compares to other beauty tools.  Comparing it to the foundation brush, the Touch Face will never leave streaks, just a smooth application each time.  Unlike the airbrush, the Touch Face has no learning curve, more portable, and doesn't make any loud noise; you can speak in your normal toned voice and hear yourself.  With a regular makeup sponge, foundation can be soaked into the sponge causing uneven application and more action to stipple resulting in one tired hand and not to mention more time.  Touch Face is fast, just apply your own foundation onto the sponge and move it around your face.

That's right, you can choose what foundation to use.  I have used this with liquids, creams, and even mineral foundation and it works.  (However, I hope the company comes out with a flocking sponge for mineral products, I have inquired and crossing my fingers.)  In the video I demonstrate it with the Make Up For Ever HD foundation.  I know some of you weren't happy with this foundation due to application results, (I was one of them and never got around to reviewing it) but with this stippling tool the foundation applies like a dream!  Fast, think about a minute for the entire face.  Easy, just squirt onto the sponge and move it around the face.  Flawless, forget about a makeup artist teaching you the intricacies of application; just move the Touch Face around the face and allow the vibrations massage your face.

Yes, I said massage!  The soft vibrations also allows for a nice massage which is very soothing.  Remember the Jelly Puff?  Applying moisturizer has never been more blissful.  The gentle pats apply the moisture evenly into the skin, leaving the skin moisturized longer and better than usual finger method.  You also use less product.

You may be wondering about cleaning.  The Touch Face does come with extra sponges like I mentioned and there are refills available (please email the site for availability).  I clean my sponges by removing the applicator which is easy to do, just pull it straight off.  I spritz the sponge with some isopropyl alcohol and pat onto a clean towel, letting it dry overnight.  Easy!

Did I also mention this is one fantastic tool for mature skin women? Yes, foundation and moisturizers go on so smoothly that you forget about the application problems you had with the fine lines and wrinkles.

By now I am guessing you want to know where you can get this and how much it is.  Am I right?  The Touch Face beauty tool can be bought from Cosedifilo.  This is a trustworthy UK beauty site which offers international shipping.  The price of the tool varies depending on which model and compared to a high end foundation brush, this will cost less.  Why? Because of a special discount of 20% off with the coupon code:  OLIVIAJ (I am extra excited because for the first time in my blogging career there is a coupon code named after me!).  This code is good until February 28th, 2012.  (Do we need a Valentine's beauty gift?)  The site accepts Paypal and credit card payments.

So what are you waiting for? I even bought another one with the code! Make me happy and make me proud, go purchase yours here with a coupon code named after me:  OLIVIAJ

Disclosure: PR sample which led me to buy hoard another one! This post contains a link to the site to use the code. C'est tout!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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