What to Expect from this Blog for 2013

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

As a beauty blogger who has a budget of close to nil for this blog, I can tell you I will be busking blogger for 2013.  I will be that one person band who will blog, tweet, socialize, pin, design, draw, and clang the cymbals on my knees for you to read this blog.

I won't expect you to enjoy every post I write nor will I expect a big audience because I have no gimmick.  Believe me, I have thought about getting a monkey to write my tweets but like I said, my budget is close to nil and that will have to wait. 

I will, however, try my best to write many posts and such to at least grab one person's beauty attention or at least that of a job-seeking monkey instead of those nut-scratching spam mailers who insist my blog sucks because my organic seo is inorganic.  Like I said, this blog runs on at times hot air with no budget and paying an outsourced seo is not my idea of blogging and for that matter fun blogging.

So, until I get a monkey or until those nut scratchers stop emailing me, I hope you will stick with me in 2013 and enjoy my little unknown beauty blog.  I know some people have because they have taken my pictures without providing a link back to my blog!  Shame on you and I curse at you like Gordon Ramsay!

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