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Wantable Products from My Wantable Box - A Deeper Look

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*
*PR sample

During the holidays, I received a box from Wantable.com  I didn't get to fully show some of the products which has left me with tremendous blogging guilt.  In this post, you get a better peek of what was inside my box.

I did a quick review of the Wantable box here.  Over the holidays I did try out the rest of the products besides the MiaBellezza cake eyeliner.

My Face Lip Gloss in Hey Baby $18 - This is described as a medium/dark nude lip color.  I can't say it is nude but more of YLBB (your lips but better)  or a rose mauve with gorgeous little specks of multi colored micro-glitter.  Very eye catching!  The gloss does have a citrus/mint scent to it which I don't mind.  The texture is not sticky nor is it runny, has that nice vinyl sheen!

Color Club Back to Boho Polish Rad Nomad $8 is a vegan polish in a gothic rad color of grayed down purple.  I like the color and the formula.  Nothing wrong with this polish.  I will have to use it more as a base for my glitter polishes.

Paula Dorf Perfect Color in Innocence $32 - This is the perfect stick for those who want an easy and quick look.  The color is a lovely peach/pink with gold shimmer, a color that brightens up any complexion in the winter.  Since this is a 3 in 1 stick, using it on the browbone, cheeks, and lips will lift any dull winter skin.  Check out the chart below as an example.  The handy stick also makes it easy to carry around in the cosmetic bag for touch ups.

Spadaro Doux Amour and Spadaro Sole Nero (each retail for $135 for 100ml) I found these samples interesting.  Usually when I get a perfume sample, I expect the usual soft smell of a casual scent.  These are more like aromatherapy and perfume.  The scent can be at times strong due to a somewhat incense base type of characteristic.  Each of the scents are very individual yet when used together provide a completely different scent altogether.  I will have to review these in depth at a later date.

Kai Perfume Oil (full size $48) has been praised by many including the celebs.  I do like this flowery scent and find it a breathable perfume for many.  Do I think it is as great as it is hyped? Not really but still it is a scent that can be worn without invading someone's space.

So there you have it, the rest of the Wantable box.  Currently, the January box is up for sale.  Go take a look and see if it tempts you.

Disclosure: PR sample 

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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