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Feeling the Allure with Eden Allure Argan Oil Products

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

Argan oil appears to be THE multi-purpose beauty oil of the century.  I can't complain, I like it.  Okay, I love it. The oil has the perfect viscosity for skin, never too greasy that it leaves a residue only to be wiped off and never too thin leaving no moisture.  Argan oil leaves the skin moisturized and supple without any residue.  This is why it is one of the great oils to have if you are a beauty consumer.

Recently, I got to try argan oil products by Eden Allure.  This company prides itself by purchasing fairly traded Argan oil from Berber women of Morocco who generally would have a hard time supporting themselves and their family due to economic circumstances.  Not only does Eden Allure help these women, the company also lends money via Kiva.org, an organization that lends money to women around the world who usually would not have a chance to start their own business.

Eden Allure Pure Argan Oil from Morocco ($18-1oz., $22-2.2oz) goes through a steam, deodorizing process avoiding any chemicals added while removing the natural odor of the oil which some people find a bit too overbearing when using as a skin care product.  This is a totally odorless oil which moisturizes the skin, hair, and nails.

Speaking of nails, I did try one of Eden Allure's suggestions for the nails, I mixed some of the oil with lemon juice.  Instead of soaking my nails, I dipped cotton and applied the mixture around my cuticles allowing it to soak in.  Then I took a cuticle stick and pushed back my cuticles.  I had moisturized my cuticles and nails while getting rid of some of the dry skin.

Since, Eden Allure Argan Oil has no scent, you can add your own essential oils to create your own scent.  Or you can use it as a product to revive some cosmetic items like a dried out gel eyeliner.  Put a few drops of oil in your gel eyeliner or cream shadow and mix; the formula will be better than the original!  Chapped lips?  Apply a bit on the lips, it isn't poison; it is a pricey cooking oil!  If you are a makeup artist, I suggest keeping one of these in your kit.

Okay, so argan oil alone isn't enough.  How about a luxurious soap?  Eden Allure Argan Oil Organic Soap with Grapefruit ($8) is packaged in a simple box but don't let that fool you.  Inside is a lightly scented grapefruit soap that packs the moisturizing qualities of argan oil.  You know how some soap bars say they are moisturizing but they aren't because once you dry off you are left with that itchy dry feeling.  Not this one, in fact, you will feel the moisture in the soap bubbles which are small and fine.  This one lathers into a creamy, almost whipped mix of suds that leave the skin smooth and moisturized.  Great for the entire body but I save this one for my manicures and pedicures because these are the parts of the body that need the most pampering and TLC treatment.  They deserve this luxurious soap and a bit of selfishness!

What do I think? Since it is odorless, it makes for a great moisturizer and mixing product for cosmetics.  Yes, makeup artists should have one in their kit.  And the soap, it may look like a simple bar of soap but it is actually hiding the most luxurious and moisturizing suds for the skin.  If you like soap bars but hated the dryness it left on your skin, this is the one that will leave you wishing you had a giant bar.  And, if you want one that doesn't destroy your nails, well this is the manicure and pedicure soap!

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Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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