Jouer Cosmetics-Just Starting an Eyeshadow Collection

I had tried Jouer Cosmetics long ago when they had a small collection of cream products.  The line left a memorable impression because the cases actually clicked together like Lego bricks.  I thought that was clever.  Then I lost touch with the line.  Shame on me!  Luckily, I have been reacquainted with the line thanks to B-Glowing's sale. 

I bought only two Jouer Powder Eyeshadows ($20) because I think I have enough makeup especially neutrals.  My excuse for buying these neutrals?  They click together and make a great pair!  The pair I have are the basic Peach and Cocoa.  The colors are self explanatory. 

The Peach is a satin formula which gives just enough warm fleshtone luminosity.  Cocoa is a matte slightly red brown.  I found the textures to be easy to work with and definitely mature eye friendly.  They blend easily without being too sheer.

Basic colors which have become a needed pair to shape the eye.  Now, all I need to do is buy more so I can have an entire palette that clicks together or build a castle of shadows since I don't own any Legos!  And, if you want to try Jouer Cosmetics, I suggest you buy at least two of their products so you can click them together too!

I give these eyeshadows a rating of 4 open eyes!

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