Now Time for Some Twaddle

The state of this blog at the moment is slow.  Of course, it has never been that quick, but it will be slowing down because I am doing other stuff. I have some more stuff to review, yet for the life of me my brain refuses to go that route.  I might as well not fight my mind and just go with the flow.

As you know from looking at the blogging world, some of us are good at all things (which I am not) and can put many posts on their beauty blog from nails to hair.  Me, my nails have been rolling in the dough and I don't mean the $$$.  I have been baking and trying to perfect my bread making skills which leaves my nails bare.  I don't want to find bits of glitter and such in my bread.  Therefore, my nail posts have disappeared and I hope to bring some back later.  That is my excuse for no nail posts.

For this blog I will or it will slow down not because I am taking a break, I am working on some more tutorials.  As you know my forté is eyeshadows and the application.  I am no expert in it but I enjoy doing the application like many of you enjoy nail art (which I have no patience or talent in).  If I am not on this blog, think of me as working on Into the Palette posts.

Some other things worth mentioning.
  • Disqus-my commenting box.  I have enabled the mobile version and I hope it is working for you browsing via mobile devices.  If not, please go and click on the web version of my posts and Disqus should show up.  For others, I know it disappears or just doesn't work due to some web browser.  There could be the Javascript issue in those and it has to be enabled.  Disqus does get glitchy at times but what on the net doesn't?  The best thing you can do is to register with Disqus and ths will allow you to keep track of how, when, and where you commented throughout the websites that use it and it shows up automatically on those sites.  Also, you will get notifications when your comments have been replied.   I know, another site to register but this one is useful.
  • Eden Allure Argan Oil Giveaway - The giveaway ends at midnight February 24th.  This means you have the entire day of February 23rd to enter before the clock runs out.  It is an international giveaway.
  • Touch Face Auto Beauty Tool- The coupon code OLIVIAJ at Cosedifilo for 20% off expires on February 28th.  If you haven't read about my raves and my obsession with this tool, then please read here, here, and here!
Sorry for the slow down, but I am still alive!!


Disclosure: Contains a link that offers YOU a discount.  I just get the satisfaction of knowing you read my blog!

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