Thakoon Fall 2013 - Hair by Odile Gilbert

For Thakoon Fall 2013 Odile Gilbert has created a look that reminds me of Blade Runner, cyberpunk chic.  Something tells me I need to buy some clip on bangs!  Here is how Odile Gilbert for K√©rastase Paris had achieved the look.

Overall Look: Sharp, graphic and modern

    •    Apply Ciment Thermique and pull hair back into a tight pontytail
    •    Spray Double Force Hair Spray and create a chic yet, messby chignon at the back of the head; secure with a black elastic (as if the model would pull their hair into a chignon after a show)
    •    Spray the back of the head with Double Force Controle Ultime for strong hold and shine
    •    Tuck any remaning ends into the elastic and secure with pins
    •    Add bang extensions, cut into varying lengths
    •    Place the bangs so the fring falls just below the hair line on the side of the head, and secure into place with glue- appears a  if you are wearing a hat

Kerastase Products Used:

    •    Ciment Thermique: protects and repairs hair, while providing a foundation for long-lasting style, shine and smoothness
    •    Double Force Hair Spray: a finishing spray for buildable, flexible hold for all hair types
    •    Double Force Control Ultime Hair Spray: delivers a strong, firm hold and long-lasting style while protecting hair from climate-spceific factors

Photos Courtesy of Kessler Studio

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