Some More Twaddle

Okay, so the Oscars are over and for that matter the Hollywood awards month.  I admit my blog is low on those posts and it is mainly because I am on the B-List of blogging.  But, once in a blue moon, I will get some press releases.  I thought about posting and I couldn't because I didn't watch any of the awards shows.  I AM SO SORRY!

Yeah, I know the Oscars are the BIG beauty and fashion show of the year but I don't have the patience, nor did I have the time to watch.  I can't say I feel bad because as someone who loved watching the awards stuff as a teen, as an adult I like to veg out and finish other stuff so I can sleep and rest.  I know, growing old just sucks!

So for those of you looking for glam stuff on the awards, it won't be posted here since I mentioned I am a one person blogger with only one brain to do everything.  However, I do have more posts on this blog and thinking of more posts on Into the Palette

Oh yeah, before I forget.  You have until the 28th of February to use the coupon code OLIVIAJ to buy your Touch Face Auto Make Up Device which I reviewed here on Cosedifilo.  Yes, I am still using this tool in the morning and night and yes, it is my battery operated best friend!  So, make me proud and honored when you use the coupon code named after moi!

Disclosure: Link provided only gives you the added discount, I just get the honor of having a coupon code in my name for the first time in my blogging career!

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