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A Quick Look at the February Starbox

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

This was my third month with Starlooks monthly Starbox and I have to admit it would have been my make or break box.  If this box didn't capture at least more of my attention than last month's which you can read here, I would cancel.  What do you think I did?

This month's Starbox contains products recommended by professional makeup artist Lauren Clark.  Lauren Clark has worked in the field for over 13 years with various clients ranging from Betsey Johnson, Seventeen Magazine, ESPN, and Fox News.  She has also written a Makeup Artist's Manual, offering her expert advice to up and coming make-up professionals. 

When I first saw the box, I thought PINK what a perfect Easter theme and nothing will work for me.  Visions of albino rabbits with their pink ears filled my mind and the lady whom I saw at the grocery store years back who wore pink lipstick, pink blush, and pink eyeshadow.  I just couldn't see myself like that but upon taking a closer look, I saw great products.

Princess Diaries Eye Liner ($15)- A ballet pink shimmer gel liner that doubles as an eyeshadow.  As you know I am an eyeliner addict and a pink one is a great addition to my collection.  This has a smooth texture making it easy to apply.

Barbie Fluid Blush ($15)- Shocked by the color, a fuchsia pink, I was sure this would go into the "not-for-me" box.  WRONG!  The color is super saturated but with a bit of buffing, it is one of the perfect pinks for spring and summer.  The texture itself is baffling; not exactly the creamy kind and not exactly that slipper silicone, has a powdery smooth finish.  I like this one beaucoup!

Pink Oasis Lip Gloss ($11)-This one is a glittery and sheer lavender lipgloss.  A nice sheer one that will add shine and sparkle on the lips.  The texture isn't sticky and it isn't runny, just a lipgloss that stays without feeling uncomfortable.  There is a slight soft scent, nothing irritating. 

Tipsy Lip Liner ($9.50) - A bright coral pink lipliner in a texture that is creamy and can double easily as a quick lip color.  The color may be a bit bright at the moment, but once the warm weather rolls around; a need-to-have color especially if you do the lip trick I show here.

And, I didn't show it this month, but a quartz crystal which was in last month's also.  I will probably put these in a jar and hope that some fairy will want them.  Too bad it wasn't a diamond by mistake.

This month's box contained $50.50 worth of full size products.  All in all, I liked this month's box and since this was the decision maker for whether or not to continue, I decided to continue for a couple of more.  If you like makeup and like to play with it like I do; Starbox is a very affordable monthly subscription of just $15 per box plus $1.98 for shipping and handling.  For international customers, shipping will be higher.  So, what are you waiting for?  Go try it!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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