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Cleaning and Modifying My Vibrating Sponge

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

I know you are sick and tired of hearing about my new battery operated best friend, the Touch Face (which I have reviewed here and here), but I figured you might want to know how to clean the sponges and also how I modified mine a bit.  No, I didn't put a turbo engine on mine, although I wished that I could.  I actually made it more powder friendly.

First and foremost, make sure the area between the sponge and tool stays clean.  You don't want to get foundation and creams into the motor.

Some of you may have bought this and wondered how to clean the sponge(s).  I can tell you I haven't been exactly delicate with them but I haven't played rough with them meaning I don't clean them everyday since I am the only one using this vibrating sponge.  I did mention I would spritz the sponge with alcohol and pat onto a dry towel for a quick cleaning.  I also have dipped the sponge in alcohol as I show in the pictures below.

Sometimes, I am careful not to get the plastic backing wet and sometimes I am not.  I can tell you that the adhesive that keeps the sponge in place can take some alcohol dips but it does eventually lose its glue.  The sponge itself is a very good sponge and doesn't rip apart easily, it is equivalent to those high end cosmetic sponges or for you cosmetic aficionados might know how Asian brands make their cosmetic sponges-very densely made to take a beating.  This is the same sponge. 

Here, I removed the sponge and you can see the double tape.  Don't throw away that ring because you can reapply the sponge.  Since my sponge got a bit too happy with my foundation, I washed it in dish soap to get the oils removed also.  It came out pretty clean and still in tip top shape. 

Instead of reapplying this sponge, I decided I wanted a modification.  Yes, I modify many of my cosmetic purchases if you haven't noticed already from my depotting post.  I wanted a puff for my powder products.  I have actually used these sponges for powder application and they work well.  However, I do want one that is more puffy for my mineral powders.

This is where toupee tape comes in handy.  Actually, everyone should have toupee tape and not for toupees.  This is a double sided tape that actually has a better adhesive than the regular double sided tape.  It is also skin safe, preventing allergic reactions.  The tape is sweat proof and waterproof to a certain extent.  This tape also sticks to fabric easily making it a versatile tape.  You know when you have a dress and the strap keeps falling down, or when your blouse opens a little too much?  Just apply this tape onto the blouse or strap and stick it onto your skin.  If you wear halter tops, this is a must!  You can usually buy this at a theatrical supply, beauty supply, wig store or online.  Doesn't cost much, about  $7 USD for a decent sized roll.

Here, I cut squares of toupee tape and applied it onto the sponge disc. (I have no name for this because my mind is going blank.)  I had a mini powder puff from another line and cut the strap off.  (I have seen mini puffs available on Ebay.)  I applied it onto the toupee tape and voila!  I had my stippling puff for mineral makeup or the fastest puff in the West!

For the jelly puff, the one used for moisturizers, just remove the silicone cap and wash.  Underneath there is a sponge that can be used for foundation.

There you have it, my new battery operated best friend - Touch Face vibrating or stippling sponge.  Remember, you can still get 20% off at Cosedifilo with the coupon code OLIVIAJ.  This is good until February 28th, 2013.  Hope this answers some questions and tempts you even more!

Disclosure: No sponges of puffs were harmed in this post.  This post only contains a link that gives YOU a discount with a coupon code named after moi!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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