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Have Fluttery Eyes Like Butterflies With Lonjure Lashes

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

False lashes have become as common as bracelets and earrings.  They are the new fashion accessory when it comes to completing a certain look.  Whether you want a polished and natural look or a glam fab one or anything in between, there is always a pair of lashes to accommodate.  With all these choices, which brand do you choose?  Why not Lonjure Lashes?

I received a sampling of lashes from Lonjure and at first glance I really didn't think they were my type.  These are major dramatic lashes!  But, once I tried them, I found them fun because not only are they dramatic, each style brings out a different persona.

First of all, unlike the usual false lashes you see in drugstores and such, I have to say these are heavy duty lashes.  You can see the difference in the picture below. 

The top lash is what I bought at my drugstore while the bottom lash is by Lonjure.  Yes, they are full, luscious, and dramatic.  With all these characteristics, there is also a thicker band on the lashes.  Compared to the drugstore brand, yes the band is more stiff.  However, they are much easier to manipulate for a proper application since the lashes won't fall soft while trying to apply to the lashline.  I applied mine with a non-latex glue and all the lashes applied superbly.

Here are the different styles I got to try.

Show Stopper ($4.98)
A favorite of many, these lashes are perfect for a night out. They are very long as well as very full at the roots. 

These are wicked with a winged eyeliner!

Angel $4.98
Just like our Timeless lash, but without the cross detailing or volume. Are perfect for a daytime look and work for those who do not want something very dramatic.

Can we say, "Meow"?

Reverie $4.98
A state of dreamy mediation or fanciful musing. These lashes have a little bit of everything. Small bouts of volume, crossing detail, and extreme length.

The lashes make a fun statement!

Beloved $4.98
These lashes aren't as long as the others and are more of a natural length. However, if you desire just full lashes than these are a perfect fit.

Loved them for a tame smoky eye look.

Timeless $4.98
Our take on the wispy lash. The perfect length, lots of volume, and beautiful cross detailing. This is what makes them timeless.

These are my favorite! Perfect for the neutral eye look and for anytime!

There you have it, a sampling of Lonjure Lashes.  Remember, these aren't your drugstore brand lashes even though they are priced similarly to them at $4.98 a pair. (Currently, these are all on sale for $3.74!) These are heavy duty ones that can be worn over and over with proper cleaning and care.  Due to their quality and the sturdy band the lashes are attached to, you will find these easier to clean.  I wouldn't be surprised if these outlast many of the other brands.  So, if you like dramatic, luscious, and lashes with lots of personality, Lonjure are the ones to get.  Lonjure offers free shipping in the U.S. for orders over $35 and they do offer international shipping.  They also have a makeup artist discount, so contact them if you are in the business. 

Disclosure: PR samples

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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