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Taking Inventory of My Lipsticks and Lipglosses Part One - The Neutrals, Nudes, and Milky Colors

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
*Some products were bought and some were PR samples.*

Spring is here and I usually purge or take inventory of what I have.  Well, mostly in the makeup area. Unlike others who collect makeup, I really don't.  Compared to others I have a very small collection and that is due to purging.  Maybe, I have a bigger problem with constant purging.  I don't know but I know where it dates back too. 

I remember when my non-makeup crazy friend had a container of loose powder with mold growing in it!  She also showed me her mascara that I gave her 3 years before and that had mold growing on the wand.  After that vision, I purged what I didn't use or what smelled rancid.

Recently, my lipstick and lipgloss collection had grown and I had to purge.  There were some that I just didn't wear because they just didn't thrill me.  Then there were the lipglosses that were beginning to gross me out: apply onto lips (after eating potato chips) then dip the applicator back into the container for next use.  Although I wipe my lipgloss applicator after every use, the vision of that mold returned in my brain and it was time to swipe then purge.
Here are the lip products that I have or had.

First off the neutrals, nudes, and the milky colors.  I didn't think I had this many.  I really thought I had more color lip products.  Obviously, I was wrong.  Habits are hard to break especially when it comes to neutrals/nudes.

If you look at the swatches, after a while describing each and everyone can drive that little part of the brain bonkers.  I will leave my color explanations out and you can just see the variations or for this matter some of the similarities amongst the lip colors.

Julie Hewett Edie  was one of my first favorite neutral nudes.  Very mod.

L'Oreal Sultry Raven's Pout - similar yet different to Edie.  If I wanted to choose it would be Edie because I have realized, I am not a fan of the L'Oreal lipstick scent at all.

Milani Nude Crème - I know I just bought this but this has quickly rose to my favorite.  Why? It makes my lips look luscious without making them look like I have a layer of grease. 

Diego Dalla Palma 35 - a splurge for me and a bit exquisite when it comes to lips for me.  Still gorgeous yet I prefer my Milani over it.  Go figure!

Julie Hewett Biba - another nude that I liked.

Julie Hewett Simone -  I admit I didn't wear this one much and now I wonder why.

Julie Hewett Nude Noir - This one shows up as a no makeup lip color in photos.  Good for that natural outdoorsy look.

Milani Candied Toffees - This one is a warm neutral that seems to be very popular.  I can see why.  Perfect in every way for the neutral/peach lover.

3CC Simply Beautiful - Another everyday lipcolor for the polished look.

Julie Hewett Odessa - a slightly pinky brown but not really one I adored.  I would have preferred to use it as a blush instead.

Julie Hewett Annette - another rosy neutral that looks polished and mature.

Bite Beauty Pepper - rose neutral with a gloss finish.

Rimmel Heather Shimmer - I thought I liked this one because of its mauve shimmer but for some reason it just washed me out.  Again, I wish this was a blush.

Milani Naturally Chic - Yeah, this one rocks!  Milani has hit the target with their lipsticks!

Nuance Dusty Rose - I don't think I ever reviewed this.  After smelling it I know why, it killed some of my brain cells and I completely forgot to review this.  I don't like the smell of this lipstick at all.

Bobbi Brown Lip Sheer in Rosy - Sheer and my mini size lipstick.  I feel like I should give it to a Barbie Doll.  It is just so cute!

The Lipglosses

LORAC Lips With Benefits Mark - very neutral and a gloss.

LORAC Multiplex 3D - Has that holographic glitter in it.

LORAC Multiplex Ulta Glam -Different color but same effect.

Anastasia Maggie May - Anyone think of Rod Stewart and his mullet?

Kryolan High Gloss Toffee - Glossy and pigmented.

Bite Beauty Prosecco - a clear gloss.

Prestige Delicate Mauve - I keep this one in my cosmetic bag.  All around great color to go with everything.

Ultraflesh Echo - Container is nice with its silicone tip applicator, still I feel like germs are dancing inside and this will have to go due to its expiration factor

There you have my nudes, neutrals, or milky colored lip products.  I have realized that some are unfortunately rancid and will have to go.  Others I have fell out of love with due to my tastes changing.  I can be so fickle when it comes to makeup!

*Some were PR samples.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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