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My Lipsticks and Lipglosses Part 3 - The Pinks, Some Rose, and Purples

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
*Some were bought and some were PR samples.*

My collection of pinks, rose, and purples is small.  I guess what catches my eyes tend to be those milky neutrals which I really should get away from.  Sheer pink glosses always look good on me but admit I am not a pink loving girl.

Julie Hewett Amelie - This one looks more lavender in the picture than it really is.  I don't know what Julie was thinking when she made this color but it is actually a grey lavender similar to a color used to simulate death and sickness in theater.  Not pretty but it did cool down warm lipstick colors.

Julie Hewett Jacqueline is an orchid pink color.  Very refreshing and mod.  I hardly wore this one but it looks so pretty in the tube!

Julie Hewett Scarlett - This is a gorgeous deep fuchsia with some blue glimmer.  Very pigmented and really very daring.  Absolutely gorgeous!

Make Up For Ever Rouge Intense 36 - This was a sample product from Sephora.  The lipstick clashed in every way.  What a color!

Milani Hot Pink - Surprisingly this color is a hot pink that I like.  Something about it makes it perfect for the warm months and bright sunshine.  It actually puts a sunshine on my face.

Julie Hewett Kiki - tame warm rose.  Not much to say now.

Prestige Pink Diamond - I hardly wore this.  Just didn't flatter me at all.  Maybe, it was the frostiness.

Bite Beauty Bouquet - rose pink cream.  I don't have anymore to add.

Rimmel Latino - I wore this and it had that slight mauve/pink but the frost just didn't jive with me after awhile.

Sula Quick Escape - creamy warm rose pink and soft too because the lipstick just broke after I swatched this.

Bite Beauty Rose - Another warm rose.

The Lipglosses

Starlooks Pink Oasis - Sheer, purple, and glittery.

My Face Cosmetics Hey Baby - Sheer, purple/pink, and glittery.

Anastasia Roxanne - I feel naughty when I wear this.  Well, actually I think of The Police video and how naughty it was.

Anastasia Lola - pink and pretty.

Anastasia Jolene - more pink and pretty.

MAC Pinkarat - Yeah, I never posted this probably because I hardly wore it as much as I should.  I guess it didn't wow me.

Stila Yumberry Crush - A great stain on the lips but on the cheeks, be prepared to have two circles of stains the morning after.  This does not wash off easily.

My collection of the feminine colors.  I don't have much to say about these colors except I do like the Milani ones.  The rest are there for me as eye candy.

*Some were bought and others were PR items.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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