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Rockin' My Hair with Rock Your Hair Products

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
*Received products to review.*

As I listen to Stone Temple Pilots, Ted Nugent, Godsmack, and Rush; all I can think about are my bad hair days.  Okay, not quite true but I have to say after receiving some hair products by Rock Your Hair, I did think about why my hair never cooperated with me, especially during the 80's when I needed my hair to work.  Now, I know why, Rock Your Hair didn't exist and if the line did, you can bet I would have been the envy of many of my rocker and punk rocker friends.

Rock Your Hair is a professional hair care line created by a rockin' hairstylist Michael O'Rourke.  Born in South Africa and based in Los Angeles with a celebrity clientele, Michael has been inspiring professional hairdressers with his creativity via his Institute of Courage.

When I received the Rock Your Hair products to try, I did not check the website.  I didn't want to be influenced by what was written about the products.  I wanted to judge them for myself and I have to say I came to the same conclusion about each and every one of the products.

For a name like Rock Your Hair, you might expect some cloying scent in both the shampoo and conditioner or for that matter any of their products. You know how some hair product lines just overpower the hair with their scent? I can tell you that will not be the case with this line.  There is a soft citrus/flowery scent but it won't interfere with your everyday life.  You can wear your favorite perfume and still be able to smell it.

Big Hair Rocks Shampoo ($17) - What I first noticed about this shampoo is the refined texture.  I know that sounds kind of impossible but it is true.  The formula is a very smooth liquid which cleans the hair with very fine bubbles.  None of that goopy and gloppy squeeze-the-bottle-as-hard-as-you-can formula.  The shampoo washes out easily leaving the hair silky and clean.  It also cleans the scalp without making it feel dry and tight or leaving a film behind.

shampoo on the left, conditioner on the right

Big Hair Rocks Conditioner ($20) - The conditioner is the same.  The formula is a very creamy yet refined mix of ingredients which allows a smooth application on the hair.  It easily smooths out the hair and detangles as it washes out.  Neither thick or watery thin, the conditioner leaves a silky texture to the hair and shine without any clinging of a filmy product.

left- small shampoo bubbles; right- silky conditioner

You can see from my before and after picture; before on the left and after on the right what the difference looks like.  I have to admit that my hair is not in the best state and is close to damaged after going from light to dark then light again and back to dark within a 3 month period.  I left my hair to air dry and it still was shiny and never felt unhealthy.

Both products are sulfate and paraben free.  They work on all types of hair including color treated hair.

Miracle Leave In Conditioner ($20) - For times when I don't need or want to use a conditioner, I use the Miracle Leave In Conditioner.

This is a spray in conditioner that is combed through.  Many leave-in conditioners either are just conditioning spray that won't detangle or a spray that coats the hair which weighs it down leaving the hair looking like wet noodles.  This one will not do those two things.  Like the shampoo and conditioner, it will condition the hair without added weight and leaves a soft and silky finish.

You might be one not to use a leave in.  If you color your hair at home and do root touch ups, a leave-in is a useful product to have because you can spray this on the already colored hair to protect it.  It will also allow for a more even application when you run the color through your hair  after you have processed the roots.  Your hair will be less dry and damaged.
Now we get to the styling products.  Like I mentioned, if I had these products in the 80's, I would have been able to have big hair.  My hair, being the Asian Japanese type is heavy hair and any type of styling product that says it will hold a curl or give big volume, I never believed because it never worked.  Short of using the hairspray Aqua Net back then (anyone remember this shellac? Still a great spray for smoothing out wrinkles in bathing suits and underwear!), I never had big hair in those days.  You can imagine how disappointed and embarrassed I felt.  Yes, the 80's sucked when it came to my hair!

Fast forward and I try the Size Matters Big Volume Root Lift ($20) - This is an aerosol mousse.  I have to admit the last time I used a mousse was back in the 80's.  I lost touch with a product like this because, like I said, it never did anything to my hair.  With this one though, I am shocked and surprised!  The mousse is a lightweight formula with volumizing boost.  I applied to my roots before blow drying and it gives that bit of lift and volume without feeling like glue or feeling like a coating of cling film. 

see the added volume?

Here is my hair blow-dried.  In the third picture I just used a straightening iron just to change the direction of the hair.  It protected my color-treated damaged hair from the heat.

I have heavy hair and I wanted to manipulate my hair more, or just give it more texture and volume.  For me, hair powder alone really doesn't work and many powders are just that, powders.  But the  Bombshell Big Powder ($17) rocks!  In the addition to the mousse in my hair, I applied the powder.

The powder alone is very finely milled.  It does look like any other powder but it doesn't have that dry feel to it.  As it is sprinkled onto the hair, it absorbs or sticks to the hair giving it volume and added strength to manipulate the hair.

With the addition of the powder, I could get more of a textured and volumized look to my hair.  I admit, that I missed a spot as you can see by the red arrow.  Nothing to fear though, it really does mix into the hair easily and disappears without looking chalky and dry.

See the added volume?  Looks like I was riding on the back of a motorcycle to dry my hair.  I have to say this is one of my favorite products from the line!

And finally, here is the hairspray that can make you forget about those other high end hairsprays.

I am not a fan of hairsprays.  I say this because the hairsprays I have tried just feel like a burst of heavy stickiness.  This one is unbelievably a fine mist and lightweight in texture but don't let that fool you.  It holds and gives volume without any stickiness.  I think I have finally found a hairspray that I like!  If you thought that one hairspray that is raved by many because it is by a long-standing French brand is great, you should look into this one and change the chi-chi-ness for some rock 'n roll!

Yeah, with a spray like this, a modified and dried-by-motorcycle look can be achieved!

Yet, in the end with all the styling products in my hair.  I have returned to my maturity and go for the simple bun look.

I have enjoyed testing out all the Rock Your Hair products.  In fact, you might think just piling on the products would leave my hair all dry and sticky.  Not at all, the products easily and I mean easily washed out with their shampoo and smoothed out my hair with the conditioner.  I was back to carefree and shiny hair in the first picture.

If you never tried the products but have a nudge to try them, go for their Go Big or Go Home set ($39).  You get a variety of products to try:

image courtesy of Rock Your Hair
  • Big Hair Rocks Shampoo 10.5 oz 1
  • Big Hair Rocks Conditioner 10.5 oz 1
  • Size Matters 13 oz 1
  • Bombshell .9 oz 1
  • Spray It Hard 10 oz 1
  • Silver Rock Box Display Case with Leopard Insert 1
  • Spray It hard 2 oz 1
  • Big Hair Rocks Shampoo 2 oz 1
  • Big Hair Rocks Conditioner 2 oz 1
And remember to Rock Your Hair! *plays air guitar*

*Products received to review.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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