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More of My Blushes or Part Deux of My Collection

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
*Some were bought, gifted, and were PR samples.*

In my last blush post I swatched the neutral and most of the cream blushes.  In this post the pinks and the peachy pinks to peach/orange are swatched.  Some of the colors are worth wearing and some just don't cut it anymore due to my own fickleness.

Starlooks Barbie Fluid Blush  ($15) I lightly reviewed this here.  I admit I was excited and happy to receive this color, then I wore it and when 4 out of 5 people ask me if I feel okay; I knew it couldn't be the right color for me.  The clincher turned out to be the 5th person who said, "You look a little odd."  Odd? A word to describe me as in a look of health or as in personally?  Anyway, I stopped wearing this blush and none of those words came out from anyone again.  My conclusion, pretty but totally wrong for me!

MAC Mineralize Blush in Daft Pink ($25) - I don't know which collection this came from, this was gifted (thanks Brelki).  A baked blush with shimmer, this is sheer in color and is more like a highlighter than a blush--soft pink with gleam and glimmer.  I use this one to top off blushes.  By the way, I love the name of this blush.

MAC Ombre Blush in Azalea Blossom ($?) - (again gifted, from Brelki) - This is one of the blushes in rotation.  Although the color may look similar to the Starlooks Barbie, it isn't.  The color is softer and less pigmented than what is in the swatch.  Less pigmented? Unusual for a MAC blush but yes.  It turns out to be more of a soft lavender.

Hard Candy Living Doll ($7) - This one is surprisingly a great blush for the price.  The color may look strong but in actuality is a soft pink shimmer. 
Those were the pink blushes now onto the pinky peach blushes.

Sue Devitt Silky Blush in Los Angeles ($20) - Reviewed here and available at Barneys.com.  This one is a pink/peach or vice versa depending on how the light hits it and the time of year.  I use this one on and off for a soft pop of color.  In my review I did post a link to the Sue Devitt website which says it is under construction.  I don't know if that is true or if the line has been discontinued.  If it has been discontinued, too bad because the blush is one of the smoothest textured ones I have tried.

MAC Mineralize Blush in Moon River ($25) - Again gifted (thanks Brelki) so I don't know what collection this came from.  Does anyone else think of Andy Williams? (R.I.P.  I know I am aging myself!)  Moon River only in the way it is seen in the pan but not in the color.  This is a shimmery peach pink but really more of a shimmer than the color.  Good as a highlighter.

DuWop Keep Blushing in Peach ($22) - I won this via writing this askewed fairytale here.  The blush is looks peach in the pan but goes on pink with a golden glow.  The formula is water resistant so it won't streak when you sweat or swim.  This one comes in handy during the summer.

Next, my peach/orange/coral blushes.

NARS Sex Appeal ($29) - Some of you may think this is one useless peach blush and maybe it is if it is used on the cheeks.  I do use this hardly-there color of peach on my cheeks sometimes but I mostly use it for an eyeshadow.  It turns out to be the perfect peach eyeshadow and not to mention a huge sized one.  I don't think of NARS blushes as just blushes, they also make excellent shadows.

Sephora Double Contouring Cream Blush in Coral Flush ($16) - The container is an interesting one, you have to squeeze the sides of the rubber container for the lid to pop open; inside is housed a dome of cream blush.  The color is gold glimmer of coral pink.  I liked this one at first because of the color but as the day wore on, the gold glimmer just traveled all over my face.  I fell out of love with it.

Sephora Pantone in Apricot Brandy ($16 originally) - I reviewed this one here.
A warm and almost bronzy peach with gold glimmer.  I also liked this one in the beginning until the gold bits traveled all over my face.  Not a fan of it now.

Sephora Pantone Blush Duo in Desert Flower and Coral ($26 originally) - In the picture I think I got the colors mixed (sorry), desert flower may be the matte and coral the shimmer.  Whichever, they both have that coral pink base.  Again, I liked this in the beginning but like the other blushes the gold just traveled all over my face.  The case also bugged me, taking that magnetized cap off took some effort not that I didn't have the strength but to grab it properly to remove it.  I gave up with the fanciness of the packaging and preferred a simple container of blush.

Starlooks Cuty (Cutie Peach)- ($12) - I got this one in my January Starbox.  On the label it says cuty instead of cutie, either way it is still a peach!  Just your soft muted peach blush powder, not much to say about it.

Small collection isn't it?  I noticed after swatching all my blushes, I don't have a variety of colors nor do I have that Holy Grail color.  Actually, I don't know what Holy Grail color I am looking for but I do know that it has to just give my face that look of happiness! LOL Hope you enjoyed my post on blushes.  I have to take inventory of other things. :-)

*Some were bought, gifted, and were PR samples.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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