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My Small Inventory of Blushes - Part Uno

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
*Products bought by me, gifted, and PR samples.*

After taking inventory of my lipsticks, I decided to look over my blushes.  My collection like my lipsticks is quite small compared to others and with my constant purging of products, the collection does change.  What you have seen on the blog years back, I might not have now due to my change in taste, friends wooing over the product and giving it to them, or just chucked out of my stash because of boredom.  Whatever the reason, I have no regrets because I am on the constant search for my Holy Grail blush.

Starting with my collection of what I consider to be neutrals because they result in a neutral color on my skin.

Make Up For Ever 163 ($20) - When I first reviewed this here, I was quite disappointed with this color as an eyeshadow and no wonder--it is a blush!  Not my fault because when I bought it off Sephora they put it into the eyeshadow category and said it was a beige brown.  Totally off the mark.  The color as a blush is what I described, a matte red brown or cocoa.  I don't use this one as a blush and I rarely use it as an eyeshadow. 

NARS Madly ($29) which I mentioned here, is described as a "warm soft-focus seashell pink".  Always to my eyes it looks like a putty pink with glimmer, actually nowhere near a pink and closer to putty.  I do like this color though because it doubles as a neutral eyeshadow.

Skinn Cosmetics Gala Blush and Bronze Trio ($28) - This can be bought on Shopnbc.com also but in sets which makes it cheaper. The palette includes a soft apricot bronzer, brick rose blush and a soft pink blush.  The colors may look a bit off but on mature skin or any skin tone, this set does what it is supposed to do--enhance with just enough color.  So, if you are one of those who want to have that glow of color instead of that screaming spot of color on the cheeks, check this one out.

Onto the cream blushes.  I know I had more cream blushes but for the life of me they are either hidden away or I ended up giving them away when friends and family came over.  Anyway, these are the ones that still survive my purge although some may be close to that stage.

Sue Devitt Malay Reef ($20) - I reviewed this blush here.  This one has that squishy jelly texture which gives a sheer finish. The color is a coral with some shimmer.

Skinn Cosmetics in Teen Tone ($17) - Again, it can be bought individually or in a set on Shopnbc.com.  The cream feels more like a moisturizer than a makeup product.  If you have mature skin you might like this one for its moisturizing properties.  Me, I am not a fan of this one (sorry to say).  The color is just a bit bland and the texture makes it disappear on my cheeks.

Paula Dorf Perfect Color in Innocence ($32) - This one is a 3-in1stick to be used on the eyes lips and cheeks.  The color is a peach/rose with gold shimmer.  I mostly use this on my eyes to give that touch of lift and radiance without looking like I have burnt my eyelids.  (You know how some blushes are just too rosy for the eyes.)

Manna Kadar Sweet Cheeks ($19) - I reviewed this here.  I am still using this blush and this tells you the color transcends all seasons from winter into spring and well into the summer.  The raspberry red just gives that perfect flush without looking all red and fever-sick.  The texture sits nicely on the skin and even on top of mineral makeup.  One of my favorite blushes to date.

Becca Beach Tint in Peach ($25) - I don't think I ever reviewed this.  I am not sure but I can tell you this color really doesn't suit me.  It is way too warm which brings out more of the olive in my skin making me feel like I should be dipped into a martini instead.  I also don't like how clear liquid just spurts out first then the color which is a drippy mess.  I am not a fan of this one now.  I have tried this on my lips and again not really a color I like.

There you have part one of my small collection.  Nothing grand but enough to make me rationalize my next blush purchase.  I know I have too much for just two facial cheeks!

*Products were bought, gifted, and PR samples.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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