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Keeping It Simple with Bare Love Beauty

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. if you read this elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
*PR Sample.*

Steve Jobs said, "Keep it simple."  Of course he was talking about Apple and its operating simple.  But did you know there is someone similar to Steve in the skincare business? Her name happens to be Rebecca Cook, the creator behind the brand Bare Love Beauty a Canadian based skin care line, now available in the U.S.

Rebecca took the simplicity of naturally derived oils from plants and vegetables and combined them with OlioLove Technology.  Technology which allows these oils to be micro encapsulated.  Think of little bubbles containing the drops of oils which upon application burst open at a timed sequence to provide continuous moisture for hours. 

I had the pleasure of sampling the Bare Love Body Luxury Body Fuel ($38).  With the time-released delivery, the body fuel provides a moisture barrier and improves skin with Vitamin C, E and essential fatty acids.  It is also rich in Omega 6 and 9, allowing dry skin to heal and protects it from further damage from free radicals.

There is also a Bare Love Face Luxury Skin Fuel Night Time Recovery Treatment ($78) for the face and Bare Love Hair Luxury Hair Fuel ($38) for the hair and scalp.

You are probably wondering how this product stacks up to, let's say that expensive jar of cream which has ingredients that read like a manifesto; I can tell you it shouldn't be compared.

The product has a place of its own!  The texture is nothing like any of the products I have tried.  It isn't a cream, a serum nor is it a gel.  It is this solid mass of oil with a pillowy soft finish; something out of a sci-fi movie!  Upon application the oils spread like a serum.  One pump gives you plenty and I mean plenty!  I could probably do my entire body from head to toe with two pumps and this means pure saturation.  There is no greasy oily feel, only the moisturizing effect of the oils.

The ingredients are simple.  Like I mentioned, plant and vegetable derived oils with nothing synthetic.  There is a scent but not a fragrance perfume derived one.  This one is from the vanilla; nothing sweet and cloying.

I even use this on my cuticles which is a lot easier to apply than a dripping oil.

I highly recommend this line not only for its simplicity but for its nature based moisture.  Safe for all people of any skin type and age including pregnant women.

The line is available at BareLoveBeauty.com, Dermstore.com and New Beauty at Fred Segal

*PR sample. Opinions are my very own.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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