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The Blues and Greens: The Eyeliners - Part 3

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Here are my blue and green eyeliners.  I could be rehashing some of the colors from this post here and here.  Of course the collection grew and I feel totally overwhelmed by the number of blues and greens I need.  After all, I am not a potato and I only have two eyes! 

First up, The Blues 

Mia Bellezza Adorn (PR sample) - a cake eyeliner duo.  A navy blue and a navy blue glitter.  Not as glittery on the eyes as I hoped.

MAC Waveline - I never reviewed this properly probably because I expected more from this gel liner.  The color is a blurple but leans on the bland side.  I expected a saturated color of navy blue.  I rarely use this one.

YSL Eyeliner Effet Sea Black - this is one of my favorite jewel toned navy blue eyeliners.  Still gorgeous as ever after many uses.

Addixt'n Ravishing Gel Liner Indulge - a smooth and saturated blue gel liner.  One of the many gel liners made by a great company at a great price!

Laura Geller Eye Rimz Crystal Cobalt - a baked cake eyeliner.  I don't use this one that much even though it is one of the nicest textures for a cake eyeliner.  The color isn't as saturated as I like and therefore fades on me.

Mosha Katani Sormeh Navy - this is a non-irritating eye kohl and eyeliner.  A great product made by a great person, Mosha.

MAC Prussian - I use this one once in a while.  I find the color better than the Waveline.

MAC Fly-By-Blu is discontinued but I still have this because I thought it was one great pencil.  Pretty navy blue with glints of blue glitter.

NARS Rue Saint Honoré - a long wearing shimmery navy blue pencil.  I like this one more than my MAC because it is retractable and carries its own sharpener.  The little things sometimes matter!

Prestige Trance (PR sample) - A retractable navy blue pencil with no shimmer. 

Inglot Full Metal Eyeliner 525 - A metallic blue pencil that is wax based.
Milani Glitzy Eyes in Blue Topaz - I never reviewed this because I completely forgot.  The color is more of an electric blue and really stands out as a fun color with glitter.

Kat Von D Rhi-Venge - A true shimmery blue eyeliner that is pretty much in competition with the NARS.  Both have long wearing properties and this one wins by a horse's hair as the better texture for me!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Light Blue - After having this one for several months, I like this one better than the nude because it brightens my eyes more.  Cheap, effective, and a great texture.

NYX Pacific - A soft light blue that is wax based. The pencil easily melts with heat or body heat so summer is not the time to enjoy these.

NYX Electric Blue - A shimmery brilliant blue.

NYX Baby Blue - A soft blue.

The Greens

Addixt'n Ravishing Gel Liner Born to Be Wild - A shimmery blue green or teal.  Long-lasting and a nice smooth gel formula.

YSL Effet Eyeliner Jade Black - A beautiful jewel-toned green.

Addixt'n Ravishing Gel Liner Pulsing - A shimmery mossy green.

NYX Lime- A shimmery yellow green.

NYX Rocky Mountain - A shimmery grass green.

NYX Horse Radish - A metallic green.

Covergirl Flamed Out Lime Green - A shimmery and vibrant lime green that blends so easily onto the lids.  A great buy for the summer!

Body Shop Kajal Green - This was a limited edition I believe.  A dark green cone shaped liner to be used like an eye kohl or as a smudgy eye shadow.

NARS Rue De Rivoli - A mix of olive and emerald.  A nice long lasting shimmery pencil.

MAC Bankroll - This one is discontinued.  Similar in color to Nars but with green glitter.

Prestige Sage (PR sample) - A shimmery khaki green.

3CC Khaki Green - A khaki green which can look brown depending on the lights.  Great natural pencil color. 

Kat Von D Eyegasm - A shimmery emerald that stays true.

Starlooks Fancy - Sparkly lime green that is right now too soft to use.  Summer heat is not helping the texture of this soft wax pencil.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Green (for green eyes) - I didn't review this one.  This is the green from the green eyes set.  A grassy green with silver micro-glitter.

Milani Ultrafine Liquid Eyeliner Emerald Glisten - Really closer to teal.  Has a vinyl shine to it and bunches of glitter!

LA Splash Poison Ivy - Glittery and green with a slight blackened base.

My collection of blue and green eyeliners including some fat pencils that can be used as both eyeliners and eyeshadows.  It is a small collection but considering I only have two eyes, I guess I have the adequate variety.

*Bought with my own money unless stated.* 

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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