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The Purples Eyeliners: Eyeliners Part - 2

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

You saw the start of my eyeliner swatches in my last post here.  In part two I swatch my purple and plum eyeliners. Can I say that I am slightly appalled at the amount of eyeliners I have?  I didn't think just organizing them into colors would be such a task.  Anyway, here are the purples and plums and some in between.

Kat Von D Homie - A shimmery violet.  This brand has one of the nicest textures when it comes to long-wearing eyeliner pencils; smooth application with no skipping.

Kat Von D Turbo Lover - This is a plum almost plummy brown with silver glitter.

Delux Beauty Ollie Aubergine - Discontinued and such a shame because I loved Delux Beauty for its eye pencils.  This is a muted purple, almost grey looking.

Physicians Formula Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Purple  - This one is from the green eyes set - Shimmery purple with bits of blue glitter.  For a drugstore brand, this is one beautiful and long-wearing purple.

Nars Calabria - Not purple and not really plum, just a fat soft pencil in shimmery burgundy.

MAC Powerpoint Rave - Discontinued.  This one is a deep purple with purple glitter.  Raved about incessantly in its heyday in a certain makeup forum.

Inglot Full Metal Eyeliner 521 - A wax based pencil eyeliner in purple with a metallic finish. 

Milani Shadow Eyez Royal Purple - Just another purple in a very budgeproof finish.

NYX Purple - Actually looks more blue or blurple.  Kind of duochrome, a shimmery finish with an intermingling of purple and blue.

NYX Purple Velvet - A nice true shimmer purple.

NYX Oyster - I could have categorized this into the pink eyeliners but it has just enough purple making it a soft shimmery orchid.

NYX Lavender - Self explanatory, a frosty lavender.

Sula Beauty Partner in Crime - A wax based pencil with some stickiness to it.  A soft shimmer lavender.

Sephora Kohl in 08 (lavender) - Discontinued.  A wax based kohl in a shimmer white lavender color.

Sleek Odyssey - One of the most gorgeous shimmer purple kohls.

LA Splash Purple Heart (Meant to write Purple Heart instead of purple heat!) - Purple glitter based eyeliner.

NYX Extreme Purple - Closer to a blurple but still retains the purple.

Addixtn Cosmetics Thrilling - A shimmery plum purple in a smooth gel base.

Addixtn Cosmetics Journey (PR sample) - A plummy brown with bits of glitter.

These are my purple eyeliners.  I don't have much in this category but I think I have enough for two eyes!!!

*Bought by me unless noted.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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