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The Unknown Beauty Blog Tarot Cards featuring Dior

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
*This post for your entertainment.*

First and foremost, I am just doing this for fun.  Tarot cards are just for entertainment. If you believe in the divination properties of these cards, that is fine. My cards or design of the cards are just interpretations of how they might relate to beauty.  They are not in any way a hardcore interpretation of tarot cards. I have also used pictures from various websites and will post credit accordingly. Let's get on with the basics!

Welcome to my The Unknown Beauty Blog (TUBB) Tarot Cards.  I have chosen items makeup junkies can easily relate too and hopefully can be applied for fun interpretation.

Let me begin with a short explanation.  Tarot cards consist of Minor Arcana which consist of 56 cards in four suits of cups, pentacles, swords, and wands (rods).  These cards are the basis of your playing cards where the cups = hearts; pentacles = diamonds; swords=spades; and wands=clubs.  The only cards missing are the Page cards thus the deck of 52.  Minor Arcana cards deal with the situations of life.  Cups deal with the emotional part; pentacles deal with the monetary; swords deal with the psychological difficulties; and wands deal with the physical.  Those are the basics interpretations but there is a lot more which isn't really needed for these posts.

I have changed my design of the cards a bit.  I have changed the cups to nail polish; swords to beauty tools, pentacles to makeup, and wands to makeup brushes.  See how it is all beauty related?  Anyway, just read and learn for your enjoyment.  And who knows, one of you might become a beauty tarot expert!

The Ace of Nail Polish

Colors stimulate the senses.  They awaken the emotions.  And what beauty item comes in many colors? The many bottles of nail polish!

Did you recently learn a new makeup technique?  Did you learn how much bronzer you really need and not how much is needed to look like a BBQ corn nut? Or maybe you found a great sales assistant at a makeup counter.  Whatever the happiness, celebrate it with a classic red nail polish like Royalty Red by Dior ($24) available at Sephora.

*picture from Sephora.com

I chose this color to be on the Ace of Nail Polish because almost everyone wears red nail polish at least once in their life.  I know red nail polish was the first color on my nails when I was a little girl and I felt special and happy!

And that is what the Ace of Nail Polish means, it is the beginning of a journey.  The foundation for what is to come.  The happiness of what is new.

*Links are provided for your convenience. Tarot cards are pure entertainment.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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