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Television Shows of the 70's - What I Grew Up With

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

When I was growing up, I didn't have much compared to the kids of today.  Of course, every generation says that and somehow it makes the next generation kind of feel guilty! I was lucky enough to have electricity which gave the power to watch television.  Yes, that cathode ray tube tv which emitted millions of subliminal messages.  Back then I didn't think much of it, after all I was a kid and the complaints of the media telling me kids were watching too much tv on tv told me adults were jealous.  They couldn't watch as much television as their kids!

Well, now you can watch tv everywhere thanks to the internet (which I didn't have growing up).  Yes, I am that old! Now, there are several shows if not millions which either by age I can't remember as well as I used to compared to what I watched growing up.  Sometimes, I will get the plots to several shows mixed up and they will begin to intertwine in my brain!

Television was simpler in my youth; CBS, NBC, ABC.  Three major channels and watching tv meant watching whatever your parents were watching or allowed you to watch.  Some shows I didn't get but just loved watching like Hawaii Five-O.

For some reason as a little girl I just loved watching McGarret (Jack Lord) catching the bad guys and saying, "Book 'em, Danno!"  I also remember Jack Lord as the first Felix in James Bond Dr. No.

But like all shows, you grow up and become bored of them or the show loses its luster.  For me it was the latter.

Another show that sticks in my mind to this day because of the theme song is Love American Style.

This show consisted of 3 or 4 vignettes or mini-stories about love.  Up and coming actors and even well established ones starred in this show, from Harrison Ford to Ron Howard.  In fact, the branded memory I have of this show is the one where Happy Days actually started but it was called "Love and Happy Days".  For a strange reason this episode stuck in my mind.  It still sticks in my mind today, maybe because it had to do with television! And here is the clip to the intro.  Don't let the theme song get stuck in your head!

Television what a memory!

*pix from IMDB.com

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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