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Reading the Future of this Blog with Tarot Cards

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
* The Tarot cards are for entertainment purposes.*

Some of you know that this blog mostly is fortified by my own monetary spending.  Yes, the PR samples have been aptly noted.  I mostly write this blog for me and my cult followers.  I do get the SEO offers of organic searches and the usual "pay me or else your blog won't grow" emails.  I know there are keywords and all that stuff and how I won't show up on search engines and how I won't make money.  Yeah, I KNOW ALL THAT!  I know I am not making money because I have no sponsors or ads (which is of my choosing).  Doesn't take much to come to that conclusion does it?  Anyway, not to get snarky, I have to change this blog a bit.

I am currently on a low-buy and kind of a no-buy.  After my eyeliner posts, I began to see and shamefully regret the unnecessary spending I did.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed trying every product but I didn't enjoy wasting my money on products I really didn't need more of!  I did some clean up and have a nice collection of three traincases which is very small compared to others of makeup I use and am totally happy with.

No, I am not saying I won't spend anymore money, I am just saying I want to do something different and see if it works in this universe.  As you know, I am TUBB (The Unknown Beauty Box and The Unknown Beauty Blog) A-List Beauty Maven of the parallel universe.  I do have a cult following in the other universe and I do see the other versions of some of you, quite interesting!  Did you know there is no MAC over there?  But there is SOD (Shallow Objects of Desire) cosmetics which is a big hit!

Anyway, there has been something I would love to do and incorporate with makeup and that is Tarot cards.  I know some people say this stuff is evil, blah blah blah.  Okay, call me a witch for playing with them.  And, that is all I do, I just see them as playing cards.  I do have a very small collection of them.  When playing or for some working with Tarot cards, the most important part of them is to feel comfortable with them.  Choose a deck that will appeal to you and one that visually stimulates your senses.

Here is the Voyager Tarot card set.  This one is a very new age type of feel.  The deck consists of collages of various cosmic and earthly pics.  At first I thought these were great and visual, but after playing with them a couple of times; I found them too bulky and too big for me to really handle. 

i Tarocchi di Robot or The Robot's Tarot is has the sci-fi vibe to them.  These are in Italian which would be easy to understand except the pictures are a bit hard to correspond to the English based cards.  The pictures are beautiful but a bit far-fetched for me to really understand them.  You might have seen this artwork in a film called Timecop (one of my favorite movies to watch over and over).

The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck which happens to be the most common and mostly used due to its many little symbols in each card.  This is the one I bought first also but quickly moved onto the next deck because I just didn't like the pictures much. 

Aquarian Tarot is the one I played with the most because I loved the Art-Deco artwork.  The clean lines and the simplicity of the pictures just made them enjoyable to look at for me.  But knowing how quickly I get bored I did get the next one to suit the humorous side.

The Housewives Tarot is a great deck featuring the 1950's type of art and feel.  The cards are easy to understand and not to mention just fun to look at.  I do like these for the modern touch as in 20th century feel.  However, to relate to this deck can be hard at times because the deck just isn't all me.  This is why I want to try something out with my cult followers in this universe.

Your versions in the other universe have already enjoyed the tarot card lessons and to equalize the enjoyment; I thought I would give a fun and purely entertaining lesson of tarot cards via beauty products.  This is something I can relate to easily and not to mention easily understand, and for my cult I am sure you know enough about all the beauty products to easily catch on.  And, who knows, maybe one of you will become an expert in tarot!

So please as my loyal cult followers, bare with me if my posts slow down because I am designing and tweaking the cards to make them easy and fun to understand.  Stay tune for the first ones to show up.

And remember, tarot cards are purely for entertainment purposes.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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