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What's Inside The Unknown Beauty Blog Box

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

I thought it would be fun just to create my own beauty box. Now, I have to admit this one is not available in this universe.  It is only available in the parallel one.  However, I am giving you the chance to see what the other beauty mavens have received in The Unknown Beauty Box otherwise nicknamed TUBB.  The theme this month is "Need to Try".  I believe everyone should try these products at least once in their lifetime. 

Inside TUBB there are 5 full size cosmetic products.  Products which can easily become major staples for any beauty connoisseur.

Ben Nye Taupe eyeshadow ($9) - I reviewed this eyeshadow here.  Everyone needs to try at least one product from this legendary theatrical and film makeup line and the best product to start with is the taupe eyeshadow.  Highly pigmented and smooth, this taupe eyeshadow can be used on many skin tones as an eye contouring color to an eyebase.

High Definition Cotton & Mineral Foundation w/ SPF 15 ($20) - This mineral foundation is by Skinn Cosmetics.  I reviewed it here. This is one of my favorites to date.  I like the thought of having cotton in my mineral foundation.  The powder feels light on the skin while offering coverage.  Great on mature skin too! (Image taken from Skinn Cosmetics)

Mosha Katani Black Sea Kohl Eyeliner (21.50) - Also known as sormeh, this is one kohl that won't irritate the waterline.  I reviewed different colors in this post here.  If waterlining is not in your makeup routine, this always works great as an eyeliner and even a brow color. (Picture from Mosha Katani Etsy Store)

Tana Stone Block Mascara ($29.95) - (Reviewed here.) This is also known as cake mascara, a product that every cosmetic line had when I was a little girl.  I think Maybelline was the last brand to actually have the cake mascara available until the late 70's.  This is a mascara everyone should have because when you have those sensitive eyes days, this is the mascara that won't irritate.  Unlike regular mascaras that have to been thrown out due to expiration or clumsiness, this one doesn't do either one. (Image from Amazon.com)

And finally a minimalist's makeup palette. Hakansson The Color 7 & 8 ($42) - This brand is still one of my favorite lines to date.  In fact, this and the other colors were one of the first products I reviewed on this blog.  See the post here.  The simplicity of the packaging houses two colors used on the lips and cheeks.  Doesn't look like it contains a huge amount but it does and the colors are saturated.  If the palette is ever used up, it is biodegradable. (Image source from Eleven.se)

Well, what do you think of TUBB?  Beauty mavens in the parallel universe have been raving about these products.  I am sorry TUBB isn't available in this universe but, at least, you can still buy these products in this universe.  Nothing worse than knowing a great cosmetic product only exists in the other universes!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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