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Beauty Tarot - A Simplified Explanation

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.* *Disclosure: Tarot cards are for pleasure and fun.*

I know some of you are completely baffled by my beauty tarot.  I don't blame you because it is something new.  Relating to it is hard because I am combining two unrelated subjects.  Since I am one to explain things a bit, I will explain it via playing cards.  Here you will find the relationship between the tarot and playing cards which will simplify and maybe expand your mind.  To make explanations even more fun, I will use my Batman playing cards!

I knew someone who could do readings with just a plain deck of playing cards.  Of course, she was well trained extremely gifted.  She could see the patterns in the plain playing cards and do these detailed readings.  I just found it fascinating she didn't need a fancy deck of tarot.  I was in awe!

Yes, it is possible to use to do readings via that deck you use for poker because tarot is the basis of those cards.  The first 56 cards or the Minor Arcana is what makes the playing card deck minus the Page cards.  (Don't worry about the Minor and Major Arcana stuff---yet.)

Here is the correlation between playing cards and tarot cards.

Let's start with the Aces.

The Ace of Hearts whose numerical value is one in this case and whose suit is represented by a heart.  When you think of hearts, you think of love or anything that brings pleasure or some color into your life.

The Ace of Diamonds has the same single value and when you see or think diamonds, you think $$ or money or something that has major monetary value or spending.

Now, let's relate that to Beauty Tarot.

The Ace of Nail Polish is that true one red bottle of polish. Nail polish is a world of color and color in your life brings happiness!  Nail polish is the heart suit in beauty tarot.

The Ace of Makeup is the diamond suit or represents finances.  Why?  Because cosmetics is a product that major spending is happening and sometimes it can get out of hand especially when there is no set budget or plan.

The Ace of Clubs is represented by a three leaf clover. When you see a club or clover you think "why can't I have the luck of a four leaf one?"  Okay, maybe you don't think that but I do.  Therefore, since one leaf is missing, a bit of effort or work is needed.  Luck is not a factor in this case!

The Ace of Spades is represented by a self-explanatory symbol.  The point is what relates it to swords in tarot.  The point is sharp and it can hurt you if you are not careful.

The Ace of Brushes corresponds with the Ace of Clubs.  The brushes aren't going to apply makeup on their own, it isn't a magic wand.  It takes effort and energy.

The Ace of Beauty Tools is the spade suit (in tarot it would be the sword).  Beauty tools can beautify but they can also bring injury if not used carefully or properly.

See how it corresponds?  It takes awhile but I bet you won't look at a deck of playing cards normally anymore.  Take a look at how the others relate.

The Two's

The Three's

Let this all sink in.  Now, I mention here that I need your help.  I heard the crickets chirping.  Huh, wha? I know it just seems a bit odd and much to think so I made it easier.  This is what I need.

See how it works?  Wait, since this is tarot there is another suit which playing cards do not have and that is Page suit which is the younger boy or younger than Jack suit.

I will repeat what I wrote in the previous post.

I figured somewhere I could put various makeup artists like KJ Bennett (@kjbennettbeauty), Mathias Alan (@mathias4makeup), and Wayne Goss (@gossmakeupartis).  If you could suggest to me who should go where by leaving a comment or tweet to me via my Twitter handle @Fauxlivia with the hashtag #BeautyTarot.  Please, give me more suggestions of other artists with their twitter names if possible.  I greatly appreciate your time and suggestions.  You will be mentioned if I use your suggestion.  Spread the word because I need many suggestions and ideas.  Any way to relieve extra thinking on my shrinking brain is like a vacation in paradise!

If you think about it, tarot is pretty cool.  Whether you believe or not, that is for you to decide.  Me, let's just say I have my rational moments and then my open-mind moments.  If you have any questions or comments, please make them known!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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