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Beauty Tarot - The Three of Brushes

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
*Tarot cards are for entertainment purposes.*

With the Ace of Brushes you felt the excitement of having a new brush while the Two of Brushes brought you to a crossroads or a decision; add those two together and your path should take you on a progression.

The Three of Brushes

A makeup brush collection can leave many decisions up in the air especially when deciding on the basic ones which will provide the canvas of the face.  Three brushes will provide the perfectly sculpted look: a foundation brush, a concealer brush and a highlighter brush.

For a foundation brush I picked the Cover FX #170 foundation brush which I reviewed here.
Unfortunately, this brush appears to be discontinued which is a shame but you can get a similar brush from Adesign called the Pointed Foundation brush ($15) shown in this post here.  The point of the brush allows foundation application easier around the hills and valleys of the face.  The synthetic hair allows for more foundation to be blended compared to natural hair which would soak up the color.

Another much needed brush is a concealer brush.  The one I chose is the Adesign Medium Concealer brush ($9.50) which is similar in shape to what I call a cat tongue.  It will lick your face with a smooth application of concealer or even cream eyeshadow. I posted this brush in my concealer brush post here.

For a highlighter brush, I like the TIGI Bed Head Rockin' Highlighter/Concealer brush reviewed here.  The exact brush is no longer available but there is still one that is quite similar on the TIGI website.

Three brushes important for creating a very natural canvas or base for color cosmetics.
The Three of Brushes is the card that represents the progression of your makeup application.  What you felt when you got that brush and the decision you made to use it brings you to the satisfaction of technique.  You are no longer the timid makeup beginner but an true cosmetic fan and, therefore, have embraced the possibilities of what achievements lie ahead.  You could be well on your way to becoming a makeup artist!

Summarizing, the Three of Brushes represents the progress in your life.  You have climbed over that first little hump of doubt in your life and feel satisfaction.  You are ready for the challenges ahead.

*Failed attempt at writing posts to keep the blog going thanks to being snubbed by PR.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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