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The Unknown Beauty Blog Tarot - The Shear Pleasure of the Two of Beauty Tools

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
*Tarot cards are pure entertainment.* 

The Two of Nail Polish had to do with the emotions of what could be a great relationship or coordination of two perfect bottle of nail colors.  Of course, applied to the real world, it could be a great friendship with someone or a romantic relationship.  Ah, the feelings of love and the pitter-patter of the heart.  But wait, two has other meanings!

The Two of Beauty Tools

Hairstylists know hair shears are the surgical tools of a haircut.  A good pair of shears are precision made to allow the smoothest and almost frictionless cut when slicing hair.  To the regular consumer this may not be important but to a hairstylist who may be cutting up to ten heads of hair a day that adds up to a lot of hair.  Every slice of the scissors also is felt in the muscles of the hand and that sensitivity is what a good pair of shears cater too.

*picture from Hikariscissors.com

Take for example the Hikari New Cosmos 103 model retailing at a sale price of $695.  For a stylist, this brand is one of the elite scissors to own.  Of course, Hikari makes more expensive ones which ergonomically fit the hand and if a stylist can afford them, all the better because haircutting is like a dance.  The rhythm of the cut and the smoothness of it makes for a comforting feel for both the client and stylist.  You know when you are getting a great haircut because you feel it.  This is what these Japanese made scissors provide.  And, I guess this is why Jonathan Antin uses these shears.

Check out the Hikari website for a deeper explanation of their products and maybe, for some of you, you will understand why they cost that much.

Not only are the shears important to the hairstylist, the razor is too. This can cut and texturize the hair.  A well-trained hair guru can cut a complete style with only the razor but a novice may leave the hair heavy-rooted and to wispy on the ends.

A good razor to have is the key.  And a good one is by Jatai.

*picture from The Industry Source

The Jatai Feather Razor Kit retailing at about $55 provides one of the smoothest razors in the haircutting business.  The razor slices without splitting the hair thus creating smooth ends to the hair strands.  Ragged ends can cause the hair to split up the shaft.

These two beauty tools are important to a hairstylist and when you sit into his chair, the stylist explains he will give you blunt ends with a soft feathery flow.

Oh no, what does he mean?  What is he saying? Blunt ends and feathery flow? Aren't those opposite textures?  Won't there be a conflict in texture?

But wait, you calm yourself down and realize this is the hair guru who has a celebrity clientele.  He knows what he is talking about.  You close your eyes and breathe deeply.  You become impartial and allow him to do his magic!  In the end, your haircut is a hit!

So, what does the Two of Beauty Tools represent?  It represents the chance of a conflict even with communication and, sometimes, choosing to relax can sort the situation out for itself.

*Nothing to disclose.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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