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My Nail Routine to Keep Them Healthy and Happy

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
*Nothing to disclose.*

I have learned many things about my nails and also learned to destroy them in the process.  Remember, the 80's when sculptured nails were popular?  Yes, I had those and it was a total pain to get fills and more so to remove.  The growth for healthy nails took half a year and I swore never to have them EVER again.  And, I haven't.  I also learned that my patience with nail art disappeared once I learned about my brain cells dying everyday.  I figured I would save what little I had of these cells and use them for productive exercises like Sudoku puzzles.  (Okay, I am lying; I actually use them to push my Roku box remote control buttons.)  But, what I have learned the most about my nails is what a friend of mine told me a long time ago, "Just apply nail polish and the rest will fall into place!"

What?  This came from a woman who was a former drug addict (cocaine addict) who smoked like a chimney.  She ate whatever she liked.  Her nails were healthy, gorgeous, long, and strong.  She had the perfect square-shaped nails which grew so quickly that she had to trim them every week.  She didn't use those fancy nail scissors or anything, she just took some nail clippers and clipped.  When she applied polish, she didn't even use a base coat.  She didn't know a base coat was necessary.  She just applied polish and went on her merry way.

I was totally jealous of her nail routine. Here I was pushing back my cuticles, trimming some of the excess, avoided using nail clippers, filed with the gentlest nail file, ate healthily and still had crappy nails!  So, what did I do wrong?

Nothing!  But for me all the things that should work didn't work and I decided to do what she said.  I just applied nail polish and let my nails go.

Guess what happened?  Yep, that's right, my nails just did what they wanted and grew.

The pictures you see are my nails.  I don't do anything with them.  In fact, 97% of the time they are bare.  I file them and use a back and forth motion.  I use my nails as tools.  Yeah, that's right, if I can pick things up with my nails, I will.  Scream blasphemous thoughts if you want, I do it all! 

My nails aren't perfect, and they aren't as strong as what my friend had but they are in good shape.  The only way I take care of them is to apply cream to my cuticles AND I don't even push back or cut my cuticles.  I am pretty sure those latter two actions are what actually ruined my nails.

Now, when people ask me what I do to keep my nails happy, I explain the entire routine of buffing them, filing in one direction, avoid nail clippers, etc.  Why should I tell the truth?  They wouldn't believe me anyway!

 *Nothing to disclose.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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