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Let's Rock - What I Grew Up With

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

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If you ever had a stupid or rather say unbelievably simple idea and thought no one would buy it, well think again.  If you grew up in the 1970's, you probably remember the most creative yet simple product that sold like tickets to Star Wars.  So simple that Don Draper would have wished he thought of it himself.

Yes, I am talking about the Pet Rock.  Generally, it started as a joke in 1975 by Gary Dahl who preferred pet rocks over regular pets.  Pet rocks never made a mess.  They were quiet and pretty much easy to take care of when one had to leave on vacation.  With that sense of humor and bit of sarcasm in mind, Gary marketed the image of a pet rock and made millions!!!

I have to admit that I did not own the Pet Rock.  My friend, well her parents did.  They laughed a lot as they read the manual like drunken adults.  At that time I didn't know it but years later, I realized they smoked some wacky tabacky and just found everything funny!  My friend and I did get a chance to read the manual which without the help of the wacky stuff (or maybe it was the second hand smoke) was pretty hilarious.  It showed the the rock resting, rolling over, etc.  It also explained the difference between a pedigree and a mutt.  And, this is where the dividing line occurred between the real pet rock owners and the ones who just owned a mutt.

Yes, I begged for a pet rock but to fork out money to buy a rock that one could find out in the back yard was not an option.  I never got one and I refused to have a mutt.  I wanted the original purebred.  I cried.  Okay, I didn't but I was highly disappointed and I guess with some guilt and consolation I, instead, received a pet pebble.

There were many knock offs.  My pet pebble was actually a small pebble turned into a charm.  I wore it as a necklace and one day lost it.  The glue just couldn't keep us together.  Yeah, it became part of someone's garden.  *cries*

I never got my Pet Rock which leaves me wondering about what could have been if I did have one.  Would I be less bitchy today?  Would I be more into gardening?  Would I be more compassionate towards the rocks that try to defend themselves when ants walk all over them?

Nah, I would still be the same old witch but I do wonder about the rocks I see in many gardens, especially the boulders; they could once have been someone's pet rock and just ate to point of being overweight.  Oh yeah, that's right pet rocks do not eat!  Oh well, if you grew up during this fad, I am sure you have thought the same thing!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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