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My Life as a Q-tip or Just a Reminder About My Other Blog

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.**If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

If you didn't know, I do have another blog called Into the Palette.  It is a what I call my anal-retentive tutorial makeup blog.  I actually wanted to call it that but figured it just wouldn't sit well in the beauty blogging community.

Into the Palette isn't like other tutorial makeup blogs and for some, let me just say, it has been a disappointment which made me put up a disclaimer.  I, look at it as my own journey in learning makeup.  I like to do it on all kinds of people and give them just a bit more detail than what others offer.  Whether it is understood or not is really not my business because you are the one applying your own makeup.  I am explaining more than applying but I do use your eyes as a guide.  Maybe, somewhere in some time a light bulb will light up in someone's brain when they look at my detail-oriented tutorials.

I understand that the makeup application may not be realistic but I pride myself on making DAMN SURE my explanations make sense!  How many times have you read, watched, pictured tutorials where they just say, "apply this on the lid and crease and there you go"!  If I had a dime for every tutorial I followed like that, I would have my own makeup line.  I started these tutorials because I wanted to understand how to apply makeup onto myself because if you didn't notice, my eyes are Asian! The simple words of lid, crease, and brow bone do not actually apply that easily.

It is selfish but when isn't a blog really selfish.  How selfish is it? As I get volunteers, I begin to learn more about the bone structures of many and it opens up my mind and really gets me to think more.  (Many have said I have a hyperactive brain!)  I love seeing different eye shapes of different ages because beauty isn't just youth, it comes from within and the pictures captures this.  

I know many of you, like me have questions on how, where, why eyeshadow is applied or you wouldn't email me in your somewhat shy way.  And, for those who volunteered, don't think I know you are confused at times.  As my life as a Q-tip (makeup applicator) evolves, I will try to simplify and possibly revise many of the tutorials.

Therefore, I have added some more guidelines to the volunteer pictures.  I know it takes zillions of pictures to get just a couple of good ones.  Hell, when I use my eyes for tutorials I would rather photoshop than take the pictures.  By the end of the tutorial I have blinded myself with the flash!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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