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Important Beauty Items for Everyone Should Have

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

As my q-tip life becomes more organized, I realized I have come to depend on certain items for everyday makeup application.  Items which have become a major part of my makeup life.  These are very helpful tools and I thought to share them with you and hope some of them will become a part of your makeup routine.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol can range anywhere from 70% to 99%.  Higher the percentage, faster the drying time.  Also, some makeup products especially SFX latex stuff can only be removed with 99%.  I use it to sanitize and clean my makeup brushes.  I keep a small spray bottle and spray the brush hairs and wipe onto a kleenex for a quick clean.

Non-silicone Based Eye Makeup Remover

I always have a non-silicone based eye makeup remover handy, not only for wiping away eye makeup, but for an eyeliner sealant.  I use this method all the time without fail.

Zig Brush H2O

An easy way to use the eye makeup remover for removing makeup or for using it as an eyeliner sealant is to get a Zig Brush H2O.  A nifty brush which I use to apply eyeliner or eyeshadow for a budgeproof finish.

Ceramic Bathroom Tile

This is a cheap and effective mixing palette.  You have seen those stainless steel palettes sold on pro beauty sites, you don't need those. All you need is a ceramic bathroom tile found at your local hardware store.  I bought mine for about $3 for a two pack.  I do have the stainless steel one but prefer this one because it easier to use since it won't move around on the vanity due to the weight.  I do put on those felt pads on the bottom not to scratch the vanity top.  Use this for mixing colors or blotting off any excess eyeliner and such from the brush rather than your hand.  How many times have you used the back of your hand only to find the makeup accidentally swiped onto your blouse right when you walk out the door?

Stainless Steel Spatula

I mention not needing a stainless steel mixing palette, but I do recommend a stainless steel spatula ($6.50).  Why? Because when you mix oil, wax or silicone based products; they will wipe right off this spatula.  If you use plastic, it will stain it due to its porosity.  You might not use this all the time, but having one is always a must if you play with makeup.


When is a Q-Tip never handy?  I actually knew someone who could apply eyeshadow only using q-tips! I was jealous because she saved $$$ not using brushes!  Whether you use these to remove mistakes or to blend, q-tips are a staple.


Believe it or not, I prefer the softest and cheap brands.  Why?  I am not using them to apply any foundation, I am using them to stipple in my eyeshadow!  Yes, I noticed with age that applying eyeshadow with just a brush isn't working.  I don't get that smooth finish.  However, when I started stippling my eyeshadow base and contour colors onto my eyes, BIG DIFFERENCE!!  For this purpose, buy the softest sponge you can.

Taupe Eyeshadow

Yes, taupe eyeshadow whether it is on the light side or on the dark side, is one of the most important eyeshadow colors.  And, not the pretty shimmery tints either.  A basic matte color which can transform any eye shape into something magical!  I never apply other eyeshadows without my taupe!

Cake Mascara

Tana Cake Mascara ($30) - Cake mascara may be an old-fashioned beauty item but it does come in very useful, especially on days when eyes tend to be sensitive to everything.  I am sure you have had one of those days.  This happens to be the most non-irritating mascara and one that can be stored away for awhile after use.  Some days I use this instead of regular mascara because it doesn't clump.

Mascara Fan Brush

Yes, mascara has a fan! A brush!  I bought this brush at an art supply store for about $3.  I cut it into a shape which I found suits my mascara application technique.  I find this to be better than any gimmick driven mascara brush on the market because it actually applies the product from root to the very tip.  I use this for both the cake mascara which does wonders and the regular tubed ones, better application and less clumps.

Lip Brush

This is my Shu Uemura 6M brush which I have had since the 80's.  It is my absolute favorite and holy grail lip brush.  If you check out my lip product pictures, the lipsticks are applied with this brush.  Perfect tip and nice length of hair, this one is my only lip brush I work with.  If I lose it, I will cry many tears!

Hello Kitty Pencil Holder

I received this when I was a tween back in Japan. I have used this as a makeup brush holder for ages.  If you noticed the year 1976, it is one vintage kitty!  I love this kitty to bits and hope I will use it until my reincarnation!

Phew, what a list of items!  These are the ones I use without thinking about, therefore they are so part of my makeup, I forget how important they really are!  Hope you liked my list.  What are your holy grails?

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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