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Kiss Me or Kiss Ass - Do I Continue as an Independent Blogger?

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

I am confessing to you as an independent blogger what it takes to continue this blog for over four years. It takes MAGIC!!!

Honestly! I am a blogger who has no sponsors or signed up with any PR (due to stats and some other stuff which I will get into shortly).  I would be lucky to plan out my posts but mostly they are written at the spur of the moment.  Although I have planned a couple of postings once in a blue moon to give myself time in the real world, I usually write what is at the top of my head like right now.

First, I have changed the template of this blog and Into the Palette.  Yes, I am self-promoting my other blog.  Yes, I am proud of that blog even though it appears the method is archaic to some.  My reasoning, sometimes to open your mind and learn, you have got to concentrate on a simple platform like READING!!!  Another reasoning, I can't do detailed tutorials with a video because I would most likely get bad eye sight from the macro setting which in turn would take longer and I would go crazy and there would be no more tutorials because I would end up in some loony bin in a straight jacket with crossed-eyes!  (Like my long run-on sentence?)  And the templates, I changed them to make the blog easier to read on the many mobile devices.  It isn't the most beautiful or clever template but it does what it is suppose to do, allow readers to READ!

My Blogging Journey

Many beauty bloggers and there are zillions, start out instantly going pro.  Some are lucky and are successful and some aren't.  Me, after changing the template of my blog and tweaking many of my posts (no wait, I have to do all my posts eventually), I have come to realize I am so glad I didn't even think of going pro from the beginning.  I was (and maybe, still am) awful but I have learned a lot.  Considering I didn't grow up with the internet and didn't have a clue about computer speak like HTML codes, I have gotten familiar enough to not fear editing my template or adding codes. I have actually learned!! And I learned from reading rather than listening to some of the noisy yapping on YouTube.

Look, I don't mind vlogging or vloggers but I am one of those people who turns down the radio when driving if I come to some busy intersection so I can drive better! Doesn't make sense but I know I am not the only one doing this.

Yes, I am proud of myself!

I realized that beauty was only part of blogging.  The real journey had to do with how much I learned and how much other people were willing to learn.  

My Niche in Blogging 

I hear this all the time in blogging, "You have to find your niche".  Or  you have to find your audience.  If I turned pro from the beginning, I would have the crickets as my niche because I didn't or don't know what my niche is! (Bad English and grammar, I know.)

I am no longer a spring chicken.  I don't have the same skin, same facial muscular structure, or the same brain as I did in my twenties.  Sure, I would like to try the looks of what the youngsters (LOL@youngsters, I thought I wouldn't catch myself using that word) are doing but something happens when you grow older, your wisdom shows through and to cover that with makeup kind of throws off the beauty balance.  In other words, every person reaches this point in life and will notice suddenly the makeup they wore yesterday doesn't look quite right today.  For those of you who haven't reached it, enjoy playing with makeup all you can because I surely did at in my younger days!


What is the main difference between playing with makeup during my younger years and now? Organization!  Something happens to your brain, what was so easy to coordinate like fashion, colors, and just basic life turns into chaos because organizing becomes a task.
For me, I tried to organize my makeup by buying, buying, and buying!  Then, I just got fed up and decided, I don't want to hoard, I want to learn what the basics are in makeup.  I found out it really isn't easy when everyone is showing the latest makeup trends and new color palettes.
But like lingerie, if you buy the wrong one. Spending those $$$ won't matter if what is layered on top looks like shit!  I know because as a former lingerie addict, my motto was "When I get depressed, I buy a bra to lift my spirits!" (This saying brought many offers from men to hold them up!)  I am sure many do with makeup!
I noticed my blogging niche is organizing and helping readers find their basics and taking care of their products. Or even understanding what others rarely explain like eye anatomy.  If you check my popular postings, they aren't about beauty reviews but ideas, methods, and how to posts.

Blogging as an Unknown  

As I mentioned, keeping this blog going for over four years as an independent blogger takes magic.

I have had some press releases sent to me but honestly as a PERSON from a generation who has grown up with face to face experiences, I find some of the PR emails just a bunch of generic piss!

First of all, if you do read my blog and notice how "great" and "fantastic" it is; then you wouldn't address me as "Hi There".  Like Heisenberg (aka Walter White) REMEMBER MY NAME!  It is OLIVIA! O-L-I-V-I-A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Second of all, PR emails mention how great and wonderful I can be if I put up their press release and say I can ask for samples.  Okay, I am game.  I ask.  I put up some of the press releases and ask kindly for samples.  NOTHING!!

I understand these emails are mailed from people whose job it is just to get as many of these out to many bloggers as they can.  They also get inundated from bloggers who ask for samples.  I just put two and two together and figured if you don't know my name and I don't get samples from you when I ask kindly, it isn't worth wasting my time wishing and thinking you remember or got my email.  I don't like the impersonal feeling I get and it will probably feel the same if I did get a product sample.

Third, I won't sell myself short by begging for samples from these impersonal types of PR.  I have done it in real life in my youth as I was naive and I can tell you I felt like a bloody wanker! (excuse the term)  I don't want to feel that way as a full fledged wise and mature adult!

However, I do thank the emails I get from product lines that actually know my name.  I especially like the clever and funny ones.  I usually answer to those.  And, no I don't answer to SEO ones because they just want me to feel fearful and insecure.  Sorry, I wasn't born yesterday and I am not falling for your fearful tactics!

Kiss Me or Kiss Ass

I was never a person who liked doing something simply.  Even if I knew the challenge would eventually drive me to the ground and even close to insanity, I had to take the hard road because I knew it would be much more exciting!

The same goes for this blog.  I could try my luck at going pro which I might someday if it feels right!  RIGHT is the KEYWORD!

Out of all the magic I try to do to keep this blog going and blunders I have experienced, the best part of it all is from you readers.  You readers who are actually reading and are learning a little something and asking for ADVICE from ME!

That is the best feeling of all which no product or paid sponsorship can recreate!

The Unknown (Beauty Blog)

Yes, I will be unknown in the beauty blogging world but to my cult followers I will be the best B-List beauty blogger that I can be even if it means trying to think up some clever post or concocting some magic spell for this blog to keep it going.

Thank You 

I have to thank you all for reading this and I have especially thank Jane the British Beauty Blogger, Kevin James Bennett for mentioning some of my posts on Playing With Makeup, to Helene (sorry for the lack of accent marks) at Icaria's blog, and Carmen aka @redbuttongirl for being a tv addict #teamWill (me: #teamHannibal).  Thank you all for the word-of-mouth mention which is the only way this blog will be loved and noticed!

I would like to thank many others and I feel bad for not mentioning all of you but please be aware that I am aware.

And Susan, I did get your email and I will answer you with a bit more in-depth info.



Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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