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Choosing Your Essential Eyeshadows with Inglot Cosmetics

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Creating your essential set of eyeshadow colors is not easy.  If it were, none of you would be reading my blog!  In my last post here, I mentioned what eyeshadows you need in addition to The Fab Four.  Some of you wanted suggestions to the corresponding colors from certain brands like Inglot which I have to admit I don't have any access to except via online.  And, instead of just choosing colors online by wildly guessing; I decided to get some help from the line itself.

First, I have to thank Hayden Tee, the creative director at Inglot Cosmetics, for taking the time to answer my email as I demanded to know which color corresponded to which number.  Due to the fact I have no in-my-face access, I have taken the following eyeshadow pictures from Beautylish.  Therefore, I have no actual samples of these eyeshadows, and cannot show you any personal swatches with personal descriptions.

The following eyeshadows are the Freedom System Eyeshadow Squares which retail for $6 (USD).  If you find searching for the color on the Inglot website a bit hard, check out Beautylish which lists the eyeshadows via name and shade.

For the basic set of  The Fab Four eyeshadows without the taupe.  Ivory - 355; Peach - 312; Dark Brown - 329.

The Warm Matte Taupes

Light warm taupe - 390; Dark warm taupe - 342

The Cool-Toned Matte Taupes

Light cool taupe - 344; Dark cool taupe - 326

Medium Matte Browns

Warm medium matte brown - 327; Cool medium matte brown - 363

The Medium Shimmer Browns

Warm shimmer brown - 54; Cool shimmer brown - 422

The Dark Shimmer Browns

Warm dark shimmer brown - 458; Cool dark shimmer brown - 53

The Black Eyeshadows

Matte black - 63; Black shimmer - 65

The colors could vary due to your monitors, but at least this narrows down your choices.  I hope this helped some of you.  I hope, someday to try these eyeshadows; they are on my makeup bucket list.

Please remember, any mention of this blog gives an independent angel its wings!  Okay, it just gives me, an old witch, to give you good karma for your thoughtfulness!



*Eyeshadow pics from Beautylish.com and logo from Inglot.com. I have not been compensated with anything.
*Nothing ventured, nothing gained.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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