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Look No Further, Choose Your Essential Eyeshadows with Kryolan

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

*Eyeshadow pan pictures from Kryolan.com

Ever since the post on Expanding Your Taupe Eyeshadow Experience became a makeup psychedelic success.  I have been trying to keep your experience easy and headache-free by helping you choose the basic colors from brands like Inglot.  This time, you have the ease of choosing from Kryolan.

I would like to thank Dominic Cruz, Kryolan Director of Education for his help in matching the colors.  I would also like to thank Joe Korts, the Operation Manager and Rachel Bronson at Bella PR for forwarding my email to Dominic.

I have to emphasize that I do not have personal possession of these eyeshadows except for the TV Brown which you can see swatched here.  The pictures of the eyeshadows were taken from the Kryolan website.  I tried my hardest to find all the colors but some of the eyeshadows appear to be quite new, so I couldn't find actual pictures of them all.  However, I did include the name which corresponds to the color.

The Basic three from The Fab Four

Ivory - AB77; Peach - TC1 which is actually listed in the blush section but can be used as both an eyeshadow and blush.  Dark Brown - Sudan.

The Warm Matte Taupes

Light warm taupe - Nappa; Dark warm taupe - Cacao.

The Cool Matte Taupes

Light cool toned taupe - Sahara; Dark cool toned taupe - M11 which I could not find a swatch nor a picture but this is the name of the color.

The Medium Matte Browns

Medium warm matte brown - TV Brown which I mentioned I have personally. Medium cool matte brown - K1.  Again, I couldn't find a picture of this one.

The Medium Shimmer Browns

Medium warm shimmer brown - Golden Sand; Medium cool shimmer brown - Copper.

The Dark Shimmer Browns

Warm dark shimmer brown - Brown G; Cool dark shimmer brown - Walnut.

The Black Eyeshadows

Matte black -Black; Shimmer Black - Black Pepper.

I know for many of you (including me) have no personal access to the line.  While the internet may help in getting an idea of the colors, I know choosing the right one can become overwhelming and after awhile differentiating the undertones just becomes one big blob in the brain!  So, I hope this helped some of you!

You can buy Kryolan from Kryolan directly by ordering via phone (which I have done many times when there was no internet).  Their number is 1-800-KRYOLAN which makes them pretty easy to remember.  You can also check here for their availability in other states and countries.  Also, their products are available on various websites such as Naimies, Nigel Beauty, Danceshopper, and many others.  In fact, at this moment Camera Ready Cosmetics is having a sale on the entire line.

Most of their makeup is available in both compact and refillable form.  I choose the latter since I like to arrange my makeup in my own palettes.

Again, a mention of this blog gives an independent angel its wings!!



*Nothing bought. Links provided for your convenience.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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