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My Comfy Jar of Night Cream from Reviva Labs

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.* *PR Sample*

I did it again, I completely forgot to review the Cream Hydratante by Reviva Labs.  I forgot, not because I wasn't using it, I forgot because it became my comfort night cream for every night.  I had no second thoughts to review or analyze the product; it just became a part of my skin care family.

You know when you sometimes try a product, you somewhat cautiously begin using the product to make sure it feels comfortable for you? 

Well, with Cream Hydratante ($14) I never did this.  I received this about a month ago, the time when the weather and, I knew, my skin would have trouble adjusting to the change from warm to cold.

Cream Hydratante is a face cream which works on surface dryness. (Just what I need!)  It is a soothing cream with a touch of verbena for that aromatherapy scent.  Nothing cloying or annoying, just refreshing.  Not only is it great for dryness of the skin, it also works as a sunburn soother; soothing to calm irritated and rough skin.   

The worst time for my skin happens to be during the months of October/November.  This is the time when my nicely hydrated skin from the warmer weather months turns dry because of dehydration from the outside elements and the heating systems.  I need to balance it with a heavy duty moisturizing cream.

Heavy duty can mean a thick and hard cream that has to slightly melt first in the hands before application.  This is what I expected with Cream Hydratante but it is different.  The cream has a luxuriously whipped consistency.  Whipped may sound light and fluffy, but this one isn't light yet it is fluffy.

The texture is rich but not thick, yet it doesn't spread like the normal face scream.  I found patting it onto the face easier.  The cream has a sticky consistency to it but nothing uncomfortable.  The cream when applied will moisturize and also provide a protective film of moisture to the face which will protect it from the harsh elements whether it be nature or the indoor heating system.  The cream also works on many skin types from super dry to sensitive to oily.  Yes, oily skin also needs the protection and moisture to stay in balance.  This cream will not feel greasy.

As I said, I forgot to review this mainly because I felt comfortable with it.  So far, every Reviva Labs product I have reviewed makes my skin feel like me and better.  Isn't that what a skincare line should do?  If you feel you are being dictated by hype, advertisement, and fancy packaging to make your skin look and feel better and still have that inkling of doubt.  Maybe, it is time you tried Reviva Labs products which are paraben free, cruelty free, made in the USA and will make you feel like you but better!

*Thanks to Reviva Labs for allowing me to review their great products.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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