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Bah Humbug or Seasons Greetings, and a Challenge

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

I wasn't going to post anything but to clear my mind I have to post my thoughts about my posts.  As editor, no I hate to call myself this, as a person who is just blogging for the hell of it with no gain in this beauty blogging realm.  I write my posts as I see fit.  After all, in the span of 20 minutes or less depending on how much my brain will work; I try to arrange my thoughts as quickly as possible and write them down before I have to do something else.

This may lead to statements that appear to attack certain brands or people.  I am not doing that although sometimes they may sound bitchy.  Hey, I am a human woman and I am allowed to be bitchy, I don't apologize for that.  And this leads me to my commenting box: Disqus.

I have decided to only allow people who actually register with Disqus or via Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to comment.  This means if you just want to comment anonymously because it is quicker, I won't let you anymore because I want to know who you are whether good or bad.  I am doing this because lately (I don't know if it is the holiday season coming up) people are just leaving negative comments or using this blog as some kind of punching bag to relieve some stress.  Hey, we all are stressed and I understand hitting a certain nerve but I just don't like it when people choose to do it anonymously.

My Disclaimer:  I would also like to state that my reviews are mine.  If I hit a nerve with you and you choose to let it all out, let me just say I am not in your realm.  I am not claiming to be some great makeup artist (but I do claim to be a great q-tip a.k.a. makeup applicator) or some guru or even some big beauty blogger.  I am just your independent, B-List, small and pretty much unknown in the beauty blogging realm beauty blogger.  I have no wishes or dreams to become a great beauty guru, I have no aspirations to become a makeup artist.  I just want to write to people like me who want something explained in plain terms and in an honest way.  That is all.  You artists have nothing to worry about and shouldn't even be looking at my blog, just worry about yourselves!

As for the upcoming holiday season, I know it will be stressful at some points and you will be up to your ears ready to pounce with some harsh words.  (I am one of those people at times.) Let me challenge you to something.  If you feel the need to insult someone or just say bad things, take a breather!  And while you breathe to relax, take the time each day to compliment one person whether it be a member of your family, co-worker, or a perfect stranger.  Turn that negativity into something positive and you will be amazed how NICE WORDS can really lift a person's day and life including your own!

Happy Holidays everyone and let's make it better through the rest of the year and next year!



Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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