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Add a Pop of Color with Laura Geller Baby Cakes Eyeshadows

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Again, I forgot to review this palette.  I took pictures of it as soon as I bought it but just let them be.  I admit to being too busy trying to find some more matte neutral eyeshadows.  Sparkly and shimmery ones resembling the moon just had no place until now.

Baked Minis

The Laura Geller Baby Cakes Baked Eye Palette retails for about $34.  The palette consists of four baked eyeshadows which actually look like four domed biscotti in a cute little box.  They even feel like biscotti, thus the baked theme.  Each eyeshadow can be used wet or dry.

The colors are full of shimmer and sparkle which may be a turn off to some of you who fear the outcome on mature eyes.  You shouldn't really.  These will just dress up the eyes enough to give that bit of fun without turning your eyes into a pair of disco balls. 

The Colors

The colors in this palette include: Mink-a copper brown; Lilac-a soft sparkle lilac; Sage-a metallic khaki; and Peacock-a smoked metallic teal green.

The various swatches show the eyeshadows in their dry application which give a sheer and soft effect of color onto the eyes.  The foiled (wet application) gives the eyeshadow an opaque and pigmented finish.  If you worry about the eyeshadows flaking when using them wet with water.  I suggest using my method of using a non-silicone eye makeup remover as an eyeshadow sealant.

I used two of the colors on each of my eyes with the Peacock shadow.  The Peacock is hard to see but it works great as a shadow to enclose the lid (method I mention in my Into The Palette tutorials).  The top picture shows the Mink eyeshadow, the center shows the Lilac and the bottom shows the two different shadows on each eye.  I might just walk out in public someday with a different color on each since I often cannot make up my mind on which color to wear! 

The Eyes

I layered these over matte eyeshadows which prevents them from looking wrinkly and crinkly on mature eyes.  I kept the rest of the eyes neutral and that pop of color and texture really adds a nice touch.

Although, the palette is housed in just a cardboard case and the size of the shadows are small, the amount is really perfect to just accessorize a neutral eye.  They are enough to add that special shimmer and sparkle to a well-polished eye look.  They will never be over-the-top and will always work for the mature (and young) woman.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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