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variety of origami paper

I decided to do an entirely different post but that is not to say it isn't about beauty.  After all, this is The Unknown Beauty Blog (TUBB for short) and beauty doesn't necessarily mean cosmetics.  The unknown beauty in this case is the simple square piece of paper and what it can be manipulated into.

Recently, I was cleaning out some stuff in my closet and I came across an unmarked box.  Scared to open the box due to doing this once before and finding a dead cockroach, I opened this one with gloved hands and a stick!  I couldn't believe my eyes, I had a box of origami paper (which is redundant, I should just say origami).  The origami dates back to my tween years!  Still in immaculate condition as you can see, I decided to play around with the paper.

Origami holds memories for me, I remember when I just started grade school, kids made fun of me for looking Asian.  I had a hard time making friends and I would beg my mom to get me a mask from Mission Impossible so I could change my nationality!!! Seriously, I told her this when I was six years old!  Instead, she taught me origami and to do it in school to make friends.  Well, I never got my mask but I did make friends!

Since I have a cult following on this blog, I thought I would show you how to make a simple cube and an intersection of tetrahedra (I think it is called this, correct me if I am wrong) all from the same folding method.

Really all of this is just geometry which, ironically, I hated in high school.  (Unfortunately, I still have Euclidian phrases stamped into my brain cells.  You know like two parallel lines cut by a transversal corresponding angles are congruent.)  I find it fascinating now because for one I don't have a test to take and two, the creases in the paper act as guides to creating an end result or the actual shape (kind of reminds you of defining your eyes doesn't it?).

origami how-to

1-Take a square piece of paper.  2-Turn it over. 3-Fold it in half.

showing how to fold paper

4-Unfold.  The center crease will be a guide.  5-Fold the side into the center crease.  6-Do the same with the other side.

folding paper

7-Unfold.  Again the creases are the guides.  8-Fold the top corner into the first crease line.  Do the same in the opposite bottom corner.  9-Fold into the center crease.

folding paper

10-Unfold and fold the bottom corner into the crease line shown.  11-What you should have so far.

folding paper into shape

12-Fold the top corner as shown to create a crease that will easily fold into the flap.  13-Bring that corner underneath as shown.

folding paper into shape

14-There you have it, you made one part of what will be a cube or what I call a pinwheel flap.  15-I folded the flaps over to create a crease for easier handling.

origami paper folding

16-For a cube, you will need to make 6 of these.  Make sure you consistently fold the same corners over to create the same direction of these pinwheel flaps.

creating a cube with origami

17-Insert the flaps into the other pinwheel flaps.  18-How it looks. 

connecting origami to make a cube

19-Continue until you have done 4 of them.  20-Turn it over.

folding paper into a cube

21-Take the free end and insert the flap into the other flap opening.  22-You see the cube?

folding paper to create a box

23, 24, 25-Do the same for the top and bottom.

origami cube

26- And there is your cube!


origami paper

27-To make the tetrahedron you will need twelve of these pinwheel flaps.

connecting origami paper to create tetrahedron

28-Take three of them.  29-Insert.

creating a tetrahedron

30-Take the third one and insert as shown.  31- Take the orange flap and insert where arrow is shown.

creating a Christmas ornament with paper

32-Here is another view.  33-How it should look.

origami pyramids

34-Make four of them.

click to enlarge
35,36,37-Connect the two together.  With some manipulation you should be able to insert all the flaps.  Remember, they only are inserted into the flap folds.  Hard to explain but just play around with it.

creating a Christmas ornament or bow

38 & 39-The finished paper product!  I have used these as ornaments and even used them to decorate gift boxes instead of using the usual bow.

origami cubes and tetrahedrons

If you don't get this the first time, don't worry.  I know some people who have used origami as therapy especially smokers who were trying to quit.  Instead of reaching for a cigarette, keeping their hands busy by folding paper occupied them and they quit.

If you think about it, origami is really meditation for the brain.  Next time, you feel a need to relax, maybe try folding paper!

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