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How to Be a Successful Beauty Blogger

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

Hell if I know what it takes.  I am just the independent beauty blogger who has built some statistics from the ground up thanks to my cult followers and people just spreading the word.  I know for some of you, the statistics I am about to show are just a swallow's fart compared to yours.  And honestly, I am a bit ashamed and scared to show them. However, I figured it is time reveal the numbers and show you how I, as an independent B-List blogger, do in the vast forest of beauty blogging.

As you may know, nowadays it takes many social outlets like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and many more to get more hits on the blog.  My social outlets mostly for this blog are Twitter (I am @Fauxlivia) and Pinterest. I like those two mostly because I can be me and not be restricted to just beauty.  On Pinterest, you get the gist of my personality by viewing all the different pins I have.  On Twitter I can be my TV addict self and catch some beauty news.

I am on other sites, if you look at the social icons at the top of this blog; you will see where I can be found.  However, the sites that send people to this blog are mostly Pinterest, Twitter, and Bloglovin.  The other social sites have less than a 1% referral.

My Monthly Statistics

Even with small stats, I get plagiarized!!!  Read about it here.

If I had the stats I have now when I started this blog, I would probably be on a PR list. But in today's blogging world, you need a zillion hits or probably be on Facebook where they can easily contact you (and so can many other people you don't want to be contacted by).  I have neither to show.

probably an idiot for showing my shameful stats!!!

My Mostest Popularest Posts

Even though I am a beauty blogger, my most popular posts of all time have nothing to do with beauty products.  They have to do with anatomy.

Hooded Eyes - Occidental and Asian post has the most hits of all time and still gets many of the hits to this day.  The grand number is 70,780.

The second most popular post is The Difference Between Asian and Caucasian Eyes which has 66,197 hits and probably more now.

On Into the Palette, my most popular post surprised me.  It turned out to be The Natural No-Makeup Look on Asian Eyes...!  This one has 17,736 hits so far.

Updated popular posts, read about them here.

Popular Pinterests Pins

Again, the numbers aren't large but they do surprise me because I don't expect people to pin anything from my blogs.  The most popular ones are from Into the Palette tutorials.

This is one of the popular pins I found thanks to pinner Ketutar.  It is the one featuring Lisa from Beauty Info Zone.  The tutorial is Reader Request - Going from Weekend, Daytime, to Night Time Eyes Easily which has 318  pins so far and 47 likes.  Lisa, you are quite popular!  There is another pin floating around on a compilation of my hooded eyes tutorials but I couldn't find it.  That one started before I even knew what Pinterest was.

Recent popular pins have been the following:

The Fab Four Eyeshadows Tutorial on Hooded Eyes... which has 190 pins and 37 likes.  Everyone likes the fab four eyeshadows!

Another pin that is gaining momentum is the one featuring Lorin from The VeganAsana.  How to Make Mature Hooded Eyes Stand Out has 54 pins and 8 likes.  Go Lorin!!

Make Up Brands that Are on My Shit List

Yeah, there are brands I am not happy with mostly due to customer service and such.  I won't name them but there are 6 brands that disappoint me greatly in this day and age of virtual reality.

Read about the hair color brand on my shit list here and here.

Non-Statistical Priceless Moments

These are moments which really define my success.  Emails from readers and followers actually wanting my advice.  This tells me what I am doing is playing a part in the beauty blogging world.

Nice comments left by my cult members.  Always nice to read one!

DM or direct messages from Twitter followers thanking me for having a great blog.  Those are special because they are just directed at me.  Yeah, it is a selfish moment!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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