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Playing With Foundation - Yaby Cosmetics and Kryolan

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

My first haul at Camera Ready Cosmetics consisted with purchasing a Yaby Cosmetics liquid foundation.  I liked it so much I bought another one and decided to try the cream foundation also.  Since, Kryolan was on clearance, I also decided to buy one of the TV Paint Sticks at a steal.

Yaby Cosmetics Liquid Foundation

I mentioned on the Yaby Cosmetics Liquid Foundation ($13.99) but didn't thoroughly review it.  I bought this in Buff which pretty much matches my skin (NC20, MUFE HD 120).  The container is really small and you may be wondering if it is really worth it since regular foundations are housed in bigger tubes and bigger bottles.  Yaby is a pro brand and contains less fillers than regular brands.  This makes the pigments the "star" of the product.  The only difficulty with this product for the average consumer or q-tip (makeup applicator as opposed to a makeup artist) is the amount used.  I admit I am one who likes to take big dots of foundation then spread it thinly onto the skin. 

Yaby Liquid Foundation

With Yaby Liquid Foundation, I have to take a small dot or if you see on the brush just the amount on the tip and spread it thinly all over just to give the face glow to even out the skin.  The foundation isn't really about coverage even though it is buildable but not to complete full coverage.  This foundation is more about allowing the light to hit the skin evenly and diffusing it.

Layering Comparison

From the pictures, on my forehead I applied the amount on the tip of the brush which really covered about 1/4th of my face.  You can see the slight difference in glow and coverage as the layers are built up.


Here is a separate comparison with foundation (left)  and without (right).  See the glow and how the flash bounces off evenly with no white out?

Yaby Cream Foundation

Yaby Cream Foundation

This is a refill or just the pan.  The case is sold separately or it can be housed in your own empty palette.  The pan is aluminum so you need to add a magnetic steel base or Yaby Grippies for it to allow it to become magnetic.  The size of the refill is smaller than the average large size eyeshadow pan.  However, the pan has more depth.

Yaby Cream Foundation - Buff

Since I bought the liquid in Buff, I bought this one in CF008 or Buff.  What is hard to get used to with this cream is the size of the pan.  Usually, I am one who just swipes widely into a pan of foundation.  This one is so small that only a light touch is needed with the brush.  Also, this foundation provides coverage and the color ends up slightly lighter than my skin.  In fact, if you know your color in the liquid, get a shade darker in the cream form.


You can see the coverage difference from layering.

Kryolan TV Paint Stick

Kryolan TV Paint Stick  is an oil based foundation stick which glides on smoothly and easily with minimal to full coverage.  Since it is oil based, it needs powder to set.  Even though it does provide full coverage, I find it to be less than what the Dermacolor line offers.

There is a vast array of colors from human skin tones to alien ones and everything in between including a zombie!  I bought one in the darkest skin tones - V27.  The color looks like a dark chocolate, makes me hungry every time I look at it.

Kryolan Paintstick

Yeah, I know what you are thinking, why?   I am experimenting with this and will let you know, hopefully, in a future post how I use this.

Hope you found this helpful.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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