Monday, February 3, 2014

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Random Thoughts About This Blog & Into the Palette

I have been blogging what will be my 5th year anniversary in June.  For me it has been a great time to talk about beauty but I realized I started a bit too late also.  What had been reviewed on Makeupalley could probably have done better in a blog because I bought a lot of stuff and I mean a lot from low end to prestige chi-chi high end.

Now, I am at the point where I think makeup is great but I am hardly tempted by it.  Maybe, I am going through a phase or I could be burnt out.

I hate to quit this blog completely because I know I would miss it, yet I have become disappointed with the many aspects of it.  Maybe, because it isn't becoming what I envisioned or wished it could be.

I know I like to do the tutorials but I am not sure if blogger is the right platform for them let alone my Definitive Eyeshadow Guide.  You may have noticed I am more of a blogger who likes to be informative.  I like to tell you the how and why more than the what-a-great-product-this-is.

As for my stats, I did reach 50,000+ last month without even really expecting it.  I thank you so much!!  But it isn't about stats anymore because I have put that on the back burner.  I know to be a great blogger I have to be on all the social media outlets and sacrifice my free time.  I am not willing to do that at all because I AM SELFISH!

I am just wondering if I should just stay with my two blogs or go for a different blog like Tumblr.

I have had an account there for over four years but did nothing since it wasn't my style at the time, but now I look at it more and wonder.

Or maybe, I just need to clear my head and reorganize.  Would you still read this blog if I stuck mostly to informative posts and less reviews?  Would you still like to read this blog?  Or should I just chuck it all and just start anew?