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Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Eye Shadow Duo

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

My main vice in makeup is eye products. I like eye makeup over any other makeup product and skin care product. It has always been this way. Yet, I end up with two looks, the smoky eye or the natural eye.  And, to fit into these two rather basic looks, I bought two Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Eye Shadow Duos.

When I lived in London, Boots was a regular stop for me especially the one on Oxford St. The only makeup item I bought back then were their mini lip balms which had reached cult status amongst the little clique I belonged too.  I miss those lip balms!

Now, thanks to Walgreens (who I believe bought Boots), I can enjoy my memories and create new ones with the Boots makeup line.

Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Eye Shadow Duos is a small collection of colors, ranging from violet to warm neutrals.  I chose Moonlight Shadows and Mother Earth.


Moonlight Shadows caters to my smoky eye look.  The colors are a smoky beige with a touch of rose, not the usual warm beige. The other is a matte black infused with copper sparkles, hard to see in the picture but enough are there to just give a touch of spark.

The sparkles are hard to see in this picture but they are there.  The black is surprisingly smooth yet not the smoothest I have tried but still good and pigmented.

Mother Earth

Mother Earth are a duo of neutrals which pretty much are almost naked or natural to my skin tone.  They are both shimmers.  One consists of a soft beige and the other a brown which leans slightly towards khaki.

The duo is practically non existent but the flash kind of made it that way.  The colors in real life are very nice and go well with every other neutral shadow I have.  The shimmer is unobtrusive.

I think Boots No 7 eyeshadow duos aren't bad for the price of $6.49.  The texture is smooth although I have tried much smoother.  The pigment is there and with a good eyeshadow base, the colors last all day.  Not bad for a drugstore brand and I would say no regrets in spending either!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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