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What Makes NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder So Great?

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

If you noticed, I don’t jump on the bandwagon quickly.  I am pretty slow especially when it comes to cosmetics.  I have learned through growing from my naive youth into the woman I am today that advertising can really have a hypnotic effect making people believe a product can be as great as its hype. A snap of the fingers or in my case the swipe of the credit card awoken me from my trance and made me realize there is a fine line between hype and truth when it comes to NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder.

Check out Fusion of Color Cosmetics HD Powder called Brite Eyes.

Almost everyone raved about NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder when it came out.  Me, I held back on the purchase and sat back to watch the hype.  After all, I was the one coughing up the $35 if I were to purchase this

The Case within the Case - Sleeping Bag

Light diffusing, HD powder, magical mystical powder, whatever you call these silica ingredient powders; the hype needs to be stripped away to truly appreciate how the products can be used and how they work to the greatest advantage.

The Powder

To call this a setting powder is right but to use it like the usual talc based powder is a bit much (and you can disagree on this) because of its texture.  It isn't heavy or thick like regular finishing powder which can make it hard to adjust the amount when using it like one.  This can result in using too much since the powder is hard to see on the skin.  I would call this a finishing powder instead.  The finely milled texture and the light diffusing properties allow makeup to look one with the skin.

Here are swatches comparing different types of powders.

The Swatches of Reflectiveness

The top picture is just foundation.

The second picture shows the slight glow and diffusion from the NARS powder. 

The third picture is a colorless talc based powder.  This has lightened the foundation but has set it.

The last one is the highlight powder which adds glimmer and shimmer and also changes the texture and  color.

So what do these comparisons mean?  A talc based powder is used to absorb any liquid or dewiness from the skin or foundation.  It mixes with the oils and sits on the surface to provide a matte finish.

Highlight powder is just that, it highlights that area by drawing attention through the reflective properties in the ingredients.  For some people, this may be just too much glow. 

And this is where NARS Reflecting Powder comes in.  After playing around with it and experimenting which I like to do, I find this is a definitive “must-have” for everyone.  Why? Because it creates a different texture on the skin from other powders, thus allowing certain areas of the face to stand out naturally.

How It is Done

  • Take the eye area, you like matte eyeshadows but find they go a bit flat but refuse to wear shimmer.  Just apply the NARS Reflecting Powder over your eyeshadow look to give it that light diffusing glow.
  • On men, the effect on the eyes is great too.  They get that wide awake look without any color or any heavy makeup.
  • Blend the edges of blush by applying NARS Reflecting Powder.  Creates a glow without diluting the blush color.
  • Around the lips, apply an outline with NARS Reflecting Powder to soften the lines and also give a natural highlight.

Those are few of the suggestions.  Yes, you can use it all over but I prefer selectively because there is more impact to the finished look. 

If you thought NARS Reflecting Powder was just another HD powder with a fancy name, then think again.  It captures the light and any light whether it be sunlight or a flash of a camera and disperses a glow which results in soft looking skin.

Check out the aftermath of this powder: Crumbling to the Bottom

*I coughed up my own $$$ to buy this.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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