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Choosing the Fab Four Eyeshadows from Ben Nye

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

I could have sworn I did a Fab Four eyeshadow post of Ben Nye eyeshadows, but having searched the blog I only did the blushes.  I think I did the post in the parallel universe.  Well, good thing I remembered what I wrote and now you can choose the Fab Four Eyeshadows  from the Ben Nye line.

Instead of just choosing just four eyeshadows, I chose basics for varying skin tones from light to dark.

First, the Ivory or the highlighter eyeshadow.  The color can vary from an off-white to yellow to a slight peach base. 

Here are three colors from Ben Nye ($8 - $10) which would work great as the highlighter of the Fab Four.

The Ivory

  • Vanilla - off white color. 
  • Toast - the yellow version of Vanilla
  • Shell - the peach/beige version of Vanilla

For the Peach color of the Fab Four, I chose four colors with varying degrees of what can be considered as a peach base.  I know some of you like a color with less peachiness to it since it can be a bit warm, but a slight warmth always makes the skin look alive and not dead!

The Peach

  • Au Naturelle - Nude with enough warmth but really lacking peach which I know some of you like better since peach tone can be seen as too warm. 
  • Honey - warmer version of Au Naturelle without going too peach. 
  • Apricot - soft apricot (peach) 
  • Spice - more saturated than the Apricot and better for darker skin tones

For the Taupe of the Fab Four, I would say three colors qualify.  These three have varying degrees of ash tones (gray) to them.  What you choose is your preference.

The Taupe

  • Taupe - The basic taupe.  This can be described as a warm taupe even though there is some grey to it. 
  • Smokey Taupe - cool toned taupe.  Some of you prefer a cool tone instead of a yellow based grey brown.  This one will suit your need.  I even use this one.  Even though it looks grey, it does have taupe hidden inside. 
  • Mink Stole - Dark Taupe.  This is a good one for darker skin tones

You can see the actual swatches from my previous post.

For the Brown of the Fab Four, there are many to choose from the line.  Here are the some medium brown ones.

The Medium Browns

  • Cork - A warm brown which I would call an honey brown. Good brown for porcelain to light skin tones. 
  • Mocha - A warm brown getting close to a red brown. 
  • Coco Brown - Anything with the name coco will lean towards a red base. 
  • Dark Brown - The basic neutral dark brown.

For those with darker skin tones or ones who prefer a dark brown, these four browns work out well.

The Dark Browns

  • Espresso - Not quite yellow based or red based, just neutral dark brown or think of coffee with no cream or sugar. 
  • Twilight Sable - Darken the Espresso eyeshadow with a slight warmth. 
  • Rich Suede - Dark brown that will lean towards red. 
  • Black Brown - Darkest brown without going black.

Hopefully, this has helped some of you in narrowing down your choices.  The colors you choose to be your Fab Four comes right down to preference.  You might like a warm taupe with some neutral browns or more grey taupes with warmer browns or whatever.  The colors depends on your comfort level.

*pix of Ben Nye eyeshadows from Camera Ready Cosmetics
*Links provided for your convenience.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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