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It's My 5 Year Blogversary and I Quit!

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

My blog will be 5 years old this weekend.  I have been declined by the big and popular brands when I ask for samples even though I have turned into a veteran beauty blogger.  My reviews have meager hits.  I don't have any "likes" on Facebook because I don't have an account.  I don't Instagram because I don't want to record every minute of my life on the net. I just don't have the drive, so I QUIT!

I quit trying to be like other blogs

I have to confess, I have never been comfortable with blogging until now.  Yes, it took me 5 years but how does one find their rhythm or place in just a few months?  I know some people find their place in just a few months.

In the beginning I thought I could be a great beauty blogger.  I was excited to start one but as the days turned to weeks and months, only to realize my blog had no significance in the beauty blogging world for many brands (after all, my only social outlet at the time was blogger).  You could say I wanted or should have given up. 

I completely understood their (cosmetic brands) refusal for offering a beginning blogger any samples, after all how long would the blog last?

Now, I do receive a chance to sample some items.  But, the funny thing is after many brands have declined me, I in turn have learned what products really interested and suited me.  Therefore, I have declined many brands when it comes to their press releases and possible sample offerings.  It would be totally wrong for me to write up products I have no interest in just to fill up space and time on my blog.  Writing a generic review would be a waste of my time and would waste your time to read it. I admit the products I review aren't the latest collection or the hip lines of the cosmetic world but that wouldn't be me.  I do like the pro brands the most because I can tinker with them but their sample policy mostly goes towards pro makeup artists and again the big blogs which I completely understand. 
As I said, I have never been comfortable blogging because I hate to make it about me and how makeup looks on me.  If you noticed, I don't take selfies.  I prefer to stay out of my blogs because the "stars" of the blog are the products which I review, the information I write, and the people I use in my tutorials.  My blog is about the satisfaction in writing about stuff which, hopefully, others can learn from.
In the five years I have blogged, I have seen many blogs come and go.  I have also seen blogs who have just started grow big so quickly and all of the sudden have these business deals.  Well, that is when the real work starts!

Me, I can tell you I am stable.  Sudden highs and extreme lows don't happen, I just have hits at a steady pace.  For those who blog and just stop, I don't blame you.  Blogging can be fun at first but when everyone appears to be in it for something, it does become a competition even if people tell you it isn't! 

I have also noticed many blogs have had such cute personalities in the beginning only to turn into big blogs with the same personalities.  Many of the bloggers are starting to look the same too, or either there is some secret project of creating an army of Kim Kardashian clones! (Or maybe my old eyes are just having a hard time differentiating.)

I am just me and to compete in a world to be like everyone else just doesn't compute anymore.

I also understand where I stand with this blog and my other blog Into the Palette.  That blog started for me as a learning project.  I wanted to prove to myself I could learn some new skills with Photoshop and GIMP.  I figured the best way to learn is just to do it and to learn from my mistakes.  Of course, my skills (and in no way I am saying I am some great photoshopper) and the blog had to be criticized and panned because it just didn't show makeup the usual way, and who would want to learn via photoshopping?  What a stupid idea!  Well, for those who still think it is stupid, I have news for you:

My wish came true in achieving MY goal: I learned how to use GIMP and the basic skills of Photoshop!  I also learned how anatomy applies to makeup application.  It isn't just about applying  shadow to the lid, crease, and browbone.  Makeup application has patterns and those patterns can be applied onto everyone onto themselves.  Proof in point, Aldona from my last post. And, can I have a selfish moment in saying I always wanted some form of doing "makeovers" for anyone on the net but never could because the internet was in the form of BBS! (Anyone remember?)

Next are my many "boring" posts.  Those posts which explain anatomy, eyeshadow application, hair sectioning, haircolor, etc. I know they aren't easy to understand and I know they can make many crickets chirp, but they are the ones I am most proud and get the most consistent hits! I take pride in those because I got them out of my brain and onto the blog.  I put my jumbled thoughts into semi-understandable sentences.

I don't expect everyone who trips (and skins their knees) onto my blog to understand them but the ones who do, tell someone, and they tell someone, so on and so on!  (I sound like a Breck shampoo commercial.)  Soon those posts become the most popular.  Believe me, I am no scholar or some great expert in the field, but my curiosity has to be satisfied.  I need to understand the "how" and the "why", the "just because" doesn't work for me.  And, for those of you out there who are like me understand.  I love it when I get (fan) mail from an artist thanking me for the posts on Asian Eye Anatomy, finding them fascinating and helpful because not much information was found on this topic.

If you haven't learned at least one thing from my blog, then I have failed in blogging!

So, what is next for this blog?  I don't know, I can't plan.  It could be gone or it could still be running.  Who knows!  I am the unknown beauty blogger who blogs for my 5 cult members (Sorry, I mean 6).  I do it all for you!  (Okay and selfishly myself, too. ) And with my tiny cult, I think my blogs ROCK!!

Thank you for having this blog survive 5 years with just your magical thoughts!!  Together, let's hope the next journey of this blog will be worth following!


Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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