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The Little Pigments of Hair Color - Part 2

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.

As I mentioned in my last post, your hair contains the three primary colors.  These colors when mixed and matched with those tubes of pigments and peroxide can make (or break) your new hair color.

Your Hair Contains Primary Colors

Blue (B), Red (R), Yellow (Y).  The three primary colors which make an infinite combination of secondary and tertiary colors. These will create the ideal hair color for you if you know what you are doing.

  • Blue (B) is the darkest and only cool toned primary color.
  • Red (R) is the medium and warm and strongest primary color.
  • Yellow (Y) is the lightest and also a warm primary color.

What did I just say? blue is the only cool primary.  Cooling down a hair color always needs blue.  Red and Yellow are both warm primary colors which means everyone deals with some warmth in their hair.  However, for some may not have to deal with the warmth of red as much as others, but the yellow is always there.  Red is also before yellow since it is the darker of the two.

Okay, let’s make these colors into secondary colors.

Secondary Violet

Mix the blue (B) with the red (R).  You get violet (V).  The blue has cooled down the red but this violet is still considered warm since red is a very strong warm primary color.

Secondary Green

Mix blue (B) with yellow (Y).  You get green (Gr) or some would say ash.  Green is the second cool toned color.  Since blue is cool toned and darker than yellow, it will overpower the lightness of the yellow.

Secondary Orange

Mix the two warm primaries, red (R) and yellow (Y).  You get Orange (O) which makes it a very strong, warm secondary color.

Take these secondary colors and mix them with the three primaries to create tertiary colors.

Tertiary Orange Yellow

O+Y=(yellow + red + yellow) = orange yellow, a warm tertiary.

Tertiary Orange Red

O + R (red + yellow + red ) = orange red, a warm and strong tertiary 

Tertiary Violet Red

V + R (red + blue + red) = violet red, a warm and strong tertiary

Tertiary Violet Blue

V + B (red + blue + blue) = violet blue coolest and strong tertiary

Tertiary Green Blue

 GR + B (blue+ yellow + blue ) = green blue, a cool tertiary. 

Tertiary Green Yellow

Gr + Y (blue + yellow + yellow) = green yellow, a cool tertiary

All the colors you see are important to know when coloring your hair because you will need to know how these combinations will work with the pigment combination of your hair.  A perfect combination of these pigments will result in the perfect hair color outcome.

Study this and be ready for the next post!

*Disclosure: I don’t claim to be some great hair guru.  I just like to explain difficult beauty stuff.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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