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Memories are Awaken with Krigler Champfleury 132 Eau De Parfum

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*
*the rare sample of product from PR!*

As the holidays get closer, people will relive memories; and no other beauty item than fragrance easily evokes a memory.  I know Krigler Champfleury 132 Eau de Parfum has taken me down memory lane of my introduction into fragrances.

As a little girl, my mother would never let me leave for school without a spritz from a bottle of fragrance.  And, only on special occasions like a school picture or some school party would she bring out the expensive fragrances.  I have to admit at times I was annoyed but in the end, the adults (the teachers) commented how nice I smelled!

As I grew older, my love for fragrance has been a personal one.  With many scents out today, sometimes I get lost or forget my true roots which are the classic scents.  Krigler Champfleury 132 definitely sits amongst the classics.

Krigler fragrances have been a cult favorite amongst the most influential and legendary celebrities: Ernest Hemingway, Grace Kelly, John F. Kennedy, and Audrey Hepburn.  Started by Albert Krigler in 1904 and now, run by his great-great-grandson, Ben Krigler.  The hand mixed fragrances of Krigler lives on for the new generation.

Champfleury 132 also had its iconic roots. Like Chateu Krigler 12, the signature scent of Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, Champfleury 132 was created in the same place and year.

My own description of this luxurious is fragrance is not as sophisticated as the many fragrance bloggers to whom I bow down for their knowledge, so please forgive me. 

I will say though that this fragrance has the depth and quality which I have to admit is hard to find in many scents today.  

Upon application, I am awakened with a burst of sparkling freshness like the sun rising into the window of a room.  Corsican Clementine Lemon and Morrocan Mint are the top notes.  Then as one becomes acquainted with the effervescent welcome, it smoothly morphs into a soothing wood scent of cedar from Lebanon intermingled with the softness of Provencal Lavender, and White Blossom from Germany.  I felt enchanted at this point because of the complexity of the middle notes yet simplicity for each of the individual notes.  Then the finale or the resting phase of this scent is the warmth and lasting, what I like to call the “glow” of the fragrance because the classic sophisticated scent individually stands out within the modern atmosphere.  The warm soft scent of White Musk from Australia, Indonesian Vetiver, and the Patchouli from the Philippines is where the shape shifting stops. 

Where can you find this fragrance?

The Plaza Hotel, One West 58th St in New York.  Or check out the website here.

How Much is it?

1.7 oz is $210 and 3.4 oz is $310.

What do I think?

This fragrance may come from a classic fragrance house but it has the modern notes to accommodate the ever changing world of today’s woman.  Many fragrances thrive to be classic but lack the quality.  Krigler Chamfleury 132 Eau de Parfum is classic, has quality, and made for the modern age.  If you want to splurge or just save up for one quality fragrance, consider this one!

*sent to sample and review*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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