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Affordable Pro Makeup Brushes: Stilazzi Dual Fiber Face Brushes

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I hope you have read my previous reviews on the Stilazzi synthetic brush line because if you haven't, you just aren't one of my TUBBsters!  (Shame on you!) For my last installment on these brushes, I cover the dual fiber ones.  Let's go check some of them out!

You have seen the dual fiber brushes floating around from many of the cosmetic lines, and I am sure you have spent major $$$ for them.  I had a couple from a very popular line years ago when they first came out with one.  Honestly, I liked them but was never in love because for some reason I didn't like the mix of synthetic with the natural hair.  Why couldn't the brush be all synthetic? This would make washing easier especially since it was popular to use with creams and liquids.

Stilazzi has some great all-synthetic, dual fiber brushes in all sizes.  Here are some of the face brushes.

Stilazzi DF-101 ($9.95):  The hair is on the short side making this one perfect for applying liquid and cream blush.  Firm but not stiff, the tip is soft to allow easy blending.  If you are a cream and/or liquid blush lover, you NEED this one!

Stilazzi DF-101

Stilazzi DF-105 ($16.95):  If you buy this brush, you will be "oohing" and "aahing" not only because it is soft at the tip, but with its large hair base; it will apply liquid and cream products in a large area so easily.  Forget about the other name brands which cost about 3x's as much.  Buy this one because it is all synthetic, easy to clean, and very well made!

Stilazzi DF-105

Stilazzi DF-104 ($15.50):  Dome shaped tip with a the soft flowing tips.  This one is perfect for a swipe of powder or to swipe away powder.  The large head makes it handy as a body powder brush.

Stilazzi DF-104

So let's review the Stilazzi brush line.
  • All are made with synthetic hair making them vegan friendly and cruelty free.
  • The ferrule is a well made keeping the hair firmly packed.
  • Firmly packed hair means a nice soft tip which will easily apply makeup.
  • The price, anywhere from $3.95 to $22.95 makes this line a bargain
  • Do not equate the price with drugstore quality: Stilazzi is pro quality!!!


If you are looking for great quality synthetic makeup brushes at an affordable price, then Stilazzi is the one.  The brushes will apply makeup like any animal hair makeup brush.  They clean easily and dry much faster.  So, what are you waiting for?  Go check out the line!

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Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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